Natalie Portman Wears A Towel, Runs On The Beach In Latest Instagram Post

Natalie Portman took to her Instagram on Monday to share a clip from her 2017 Dior commercial, highlighting a portion in which she appears to wear just a towel on a beach.

In the sequence in question, the Black Swan star is seen looking at the camera with her brunette hair wet as she has her body wrapped in a gray towel. The clip then shows her from the back, opening up the towel as she covers the camera lenses with her hand. She flashes a coquettish smile at the onlooker as she does so, in a sexy yet sweet way — all to the sound of Sia’s “Chandelier.”

The Star Wars actress is wearing black eyeliner on her upper lid, giving her a cat eye that is both delicate and sophisticated. She is wearing a light shade on her lips, allowing the focus of the makeup to remain on her eyes. Some bronzer helps accentuate her cheekbones and contour her face.

The clip then cuts to bird-eye footage of her running through the sand while wearing a light pink gown. She is running alongside the ocean in the wet sand, leaving a trail of footprints behind her. Portman then swirls around in her dress as the camera captures her straight from above, producing a whimsical view of Portman looking like a ballerina as the skirt of her dress moves around her.

The post, which Portman shared with her 3.7 million Instagram followers, was viewed more than 195,000 times, garnering more than 75,000 likes and more than 1,000 comments in under an hour of being posted. Users of the popular social media platform took to the platform to share their admiration for the actress and to share their remarks about the Dior commercial.

“Love all the versions of #missdior. I’d like all of them simultaneously because each one is unique,” one user wrote.

“Elegant and pristine,” another one chimed in.

Portman has most recently been in the news for very different reasons. The 37-year-old actress recently filed for a restraining order against a man who allegedly attempted to claim he was the character John Wick, according to Page Six. The Vox Lux actress is seeking a temporary restraining order against the man, who reportedly tried to break into her gated community on January 31, the report continues.

The suspect, who is from Colorado, reportedly told police his name was John Wick, which is the title character of a 2014 Keanu Reeves film about a hitman who comes out of retirement after someone kills his puppy.