Colton Underwood & 4 Other ‘Bachelor’ Stars Who Didn’t Have Sex In The Fantasy Suite

Colton Underwood didn’t leave his virginity behind in Portugal, at least by the look of things. The Bachelor star, who has been open about his chastity at age 27, was dumped by the woman he loved on the penultimate episode of the ABC reality show. On The Bachelor finale, it is unlikely that Colton will have a romantic night in the Fantasy Suite with Hannah Godwin — who is the only other woman left — after he made it clear that he is in love with Cassie Randolph.

By all accounts, Colton Underwood had seemingly been ready to give his virginity to Cassie Randolph. Bachelor host Chris Harrison told Good Morning America that after his final one-on-one date with Cassie, Colton was expecting to spend the night with her in the Fantasy Suite.

“He thought he was about to have the night of his life,” Harrison said of The Bachelor star. “He finally was going to, no pun intended, or maybe it is, you know, put this to bed and — and put this whole thing to rest.”

Instead, Cassie ended her relationship with Colton — and he hopped an 8-foot fence to get away from ABC’s cameras.

While it’s hard to believe that Colton Underwood may have ended his season of The Bachelor still a virgin, he isn’t the first franchise lead to leave the show without any Fantasy Suite action.

Back in 2013, Sean Lowe, who revealed he was a born-again virgin on his season of The Bachelor, had no Fantasy Suite sex with his final three women. This includes his final pick — and future wife — Catherine Giudici.

“The bottom line was that I wasn’t going to have sex with any of the remaining three women that week,” Lowe wrote in his memoir, For the Right Reasons, per Life & Style. “I wanted to use that night, alone, without any distractions, to really connect with the women. Plus, I wanted to know how they’d act when the cameras weren’t rolling.”

A decade ago, Jason Mesnick made headlines when he dumped his final pick, Melissa Rycroft, on the After the Final Rose special. He then immediately rekindled his relationship with runner-up Molly Malaney, whom he would later marry. Still, it’s unlikely that he did the deed with Molly during their Fantasy Suite date. Heck, it doesn’t sound like the then-single dad shared any intimacy with Melissa, either.

In a video interview for Yahoo!, Melissa Rycroft reportedly admitted that she never saw Bachelor Jason Mesnick’s naked body, so it sounds like their time in the Fantasy Suite wasn’t exactly X-rated, according to Romper. In addition, Mesnick’s second runner-up — Jillian Harris — told People that her Fantasy Suite time with Jason was all about the hot tubbing and talking.

“We had a great time in the hot tub and we had great conversation,” Harris told People. “It was great to have a lot of off-camera time with him and be able to chat about the things we weren’t able to chat about on camera.”

And while there’s no proof that his Fantasy Suite time was totally chaste, two-time Bachelor star Brad Womack revealed that he also used his Fantasy Suite dates strictly for talking. On his blog for People, Womack wrote, “I would like to explain why overnight dates are so important and what I used those nights away from the cameras for. I wanted to take the opportunity with all three of the women to talk, off camera, so we could all feel even more comfortable… The overnight dates actually gave me quite a bit of clarity – clarity that I had been looking for!”

Womack didn’t pick either of his final two women on the 11th season of The Bachelor — a sign that he may not have slept with either of them — and he definitely didn’t have sex with Emily Maynard, his final pick on The Bachelor season 15, either. Maynard, a single mom, went on to become The Bachelorette after her relationship with Womack fizzled. She was very conscious of the fact that her young daughter would be watching the show.

During her season of The Bachelorette, Maynard made it clear up front that she would forgo the Fantasy Suite dates because she was a single mom to a young daughter, Ricki. Maynard’s final guy, Jef Holm, admitted that while it would have been “awesome” to forgo their separate rooms, he respected that Ricki and the rest of Emily’s family would be watching the show.

“There’s a time and a place,” Holm told The Bachelorette star. “And right now, it’s time for us to bridle these passions. I plan on spending every night with you in our own Fantasy Suite.”

Colton Underwood’s two-night Bachelor finale airs Monday and Tuesday on ABC.