March 11, 2019
Colton Underwood Teases Epic 'The Bachelor' Finale Ahead, Says 'It Feels Like Christmas Eve'

Everybody is anxious to watch the two-night finale of Colton Underwood's The Bachelor season. It's been a crazy ride up to this point and spoilers hint that even crazier developments are on the horizon.

Viewers will see two hours of action airing Monday night and another two hours coming on Tuesday night. Ahead of the two-night finale starting to air, Underwood is sharing some teasers about how wild these last hours will be.

This season, Colton has been coy in sharing much about how things end for him. As everybody saw last week, he was in the middle of his overnight dates when everything fell apart.

After Colton's date with Tayshia Adams, he spent time with Cassie Randolph and decided she was "the one." However, she got cold feet and went home, and Hannah Godwin is waiting for her overnight with no idea anything is amiss.

The Bachelor spoilers have teased that there are more surprises on the way and now Colton is reinforcing that via his Twitter page. On Sunday, Underwood said that these last two episodes are even more intense than what everybody watched last week.

Colton noted that the end is near and he also tweeted that there are live components airing both nights and that "we" have surprises on the way. Underwood did note that by "we" he means the show, although fans are hoping that there are also surprises coming from The Bachelor star and a lady from the show he's with at this point.

Monday morning, Colton tweeted that it felt like Christmas Eve. Obviously, Underwood knows what is coming up, but it's understandable that he's ready for all of it to air so he can stop trying to hide spoilers about the specifics.

The network has kept things pretty close to the vest this time around in terms of Bachelor spoilers. Very few video sneak peeks have been released and ABC has not posted any photos from the finale yet either.

Both Colton and host Chris Harrison have shared some tidbits about what comes next. So far, they've mostly stuck to teasers about finding Underwood after the fence jump and his need to decide what to do next.

It's not often that ABC or a lead can tease a never-before-seen twist or a truly big shocker at this point. However, Colton's experience is truly different from all of the network's prior seasons and fans are anxious to see how it all ends.

Will The Bachelor spoilers that are floating around about what comes next be accurate? Will Colton Underwood end up with someone despite what happened with Cassie Randolph in Portugal? Answers are on the horizon and it's clear that Colton's ready for the truth to be known.