March 11, 2019
Trump Called 'Dangerously Idiotic' By John Oliver For Signing Bibles

Comedian John Oliver opened his HBO show, Last Week Tonight, with a segment on Donald Trump's trip to Alabama. There, the president met with those digging out from the tragic tornadoes which devastated the region last week.

According to The Daily Beast, Oliver didn't have an issue with Trump visiting the tornado damaged region, but he had a huge problem with the president autographing Bibles at a Baptist church.

"Of course he did. I am not remotely surprised that Trump did that, I'm just slightly confused as to why anyone would want him to, because seeing Trump's autograph on a Bible should be like seeing a picture of your own Mom on the cover of a Penthouse magazine: it should render the whole thing useless, and if you keep reading after discovering it, you're going directly to hell."
Oliver added that it's plausible that some people might want the president's autograph, but suggested that the cover of the Bible is an odd place to do it, especially if it isn't a book you wrote. The stand-up star thought that most people around the world would shy away from signing a Bible -- unless one was putting their own name inside, or testing to see if their pen still worked.
"Because I don't care what your name is, that is not how you sign something. That's how you test if your Sharpie still has ink left before you sign something."
Oliver continued to ponder why religious people would want a man who allegedly conducted extramarital affairs -- and has three marriages under his belt -- to sign their holy books. Trump is not a regular churchgoer, so it's a curious ask.

The HBO host then played a clip of an interview wherein Trump stated, while on the campaign trail, that the Bible was his favorite book. When asked about his favorite verse, he did not get into specifics.

"I wouldn't want to get into it, because to me, that's very personal. When I talk about the Bible, it's very personal… The Bible means a lot to me, but I don't want to get into specifics. I don't want to do that."
When asked whether he is an Old Testament or a New Testament guy, he gave a diplomatic answer, saying that he is both, equally.

Oliver stated that watching the president lie about the Bible was beyond ironic, but the comedian is known for being provocative, per The Inquisitr. In June, Oliver's show was blocked in China for pointing out that President Xi Jinping doesn't like being compared to the fictional bear, Winnie the Pooh.