March 11, 2019
Tayshia Adams Generates 'Bachelor' Buzz With Visit To Wedding Dress Shop Ahead Of Finale With Colton

The Bachelor contestant Tayshia Adams is generating some buzz with her latest Instagram Stories post. Viewers will have to wait for the two-part finale to play out on Monday and Tuesday to see what happens next in her relationship with Colton Underwood, but a recent shop she stopped at had some wondering about her current status.

As viewers saw last week, Tayshia and Colton had their overnight date in Portugal, and seemed to have enjoyed their date. It seemed pretty clear that nothing too intimate happened during that date, but it didn't seem to be a disaster, either.

Tayshia and Colton both said that they were falling in love with one another, but then things imploded when Underwood had his date with Cassie Randolph. The Bachelor spoilers detail that Adams will soon face a tough conversation with Underwood over his conflicted feelings, but it's not clear yet whether that will air on Monday or Tuesday night.

Despite what The Bachelor spoilers hint is on the way for Tayshia, she seems to be in a good place in her life right now. In fact, her latest Instagram Stories show that she did some shopping over the weekend. She just so happened to visit a boutique that has a lot of wedding dresses.

Adams shared that she was stopping by her favorite shop, Styled By TC. The boutique's Instagram page notes that it is a full-service bridal boutique, and that fact was pretty clear in the short video that Tayshia shared.

Tayshia said that she was visiting her favorite girls as she stopped by the boutique, and she added that all of her Bachelor rose ceremony dresses were from this particular shop. It does seem that Adams was just giving a bit of a shout-out to the shop her friends run, and fans do love to get insight into where the bachelorettes get their dresses.

That said, some fans surely wondered if Adams had any other motivation for spending time in a store that specializes in wedding dresses. Tayshia isn't the first Bachelor franchise contestant to visit a wedding dress shop while the season is still airing. Any time this happens, however, it gets viewers buzzing.

In this case, The Bachelor spoilers available for Colton's ending point toward this truly being just a friendly visit to a favorite boutique on Tayshia's part. If the existing spoilers are right, Adams doesn't get Underwood's final rose, nor will she be handing out roses herself as the next Bachelorette.

However, fans have a hunch she might be headed to Bachelor in Paradise this summer. If Tayshia Adams does find love on BIP, she clearly already has a head start on where to shop for a gorgeous wedding gown.