New Scorpion Species Found In Arizona Desert

A new scorpion species was found in the Arizona desert. University of Washington biologist Rob Bryson discovered the new species entirely by accident. Bryson was in the Santa Catalina Mountains looking for an entirely different animal when he stumbled upon the scorpion habitat.

For more than 50 years, just four species of scorpion were known to roam the state of Arizona, News Track India reports. The University of Washington biologist also found the first known occurrence of two vorhiesi group species living together on the same mountain range, according to Science Codex.

The new scorpion species was not found in the particularly isolated section of the Santa Catalina Mountains known as Sky Islands where most other scorpion groups are found.The Santa Catalina Mountains overlook Tucson. The fact that the new variety was found in within view of a major metropolitan area surprised researchers.

Dr. Bryson sent specimens of the new scorpion species for review to make sure they were indeed of an unknown variety. A total of 10 scorpion species are now known to live on the Arizona mountain range Zookeys reports.

Richard Ayrey, a co-author of the article noting the discovery, had this to say about the incredible find:

“This latest new scorpion is a prime example of the amazing diversity of life still to be discovered, right her in 21st century America.

The new species of scorpion is known as the Vaejovis brysoni. The number of scorpions in Arizona and New Mexico has more than doubled in the past decade.

Are you surprised a new species of scorpion was found in 2013?

[Image credit: Richard Ayrey]