Beth Chapman Shames 'Loser' Who Accused Her Of Faking Her Cancer

Kelly Butler

Beth Chapman isn't letting the haters get her down. In a post made by the reality star to Facebook, Chapman shared a screenshot of someone who claimed that she has been faking her latest cancer diagnosis and that her taking a five-mile hike before heading to the hospital for cancer treatment was evidence that her latest health scare is all for show.

Chapman responded by calling the commenter a "loser" and revealed that the person in question is in the same line of business as Chapman and her husband, as a skip-tracer. Chapman further alleged that the comments made by the original poster, as well as those made by another person in the realm of bounty hunting, were making the accusations out of jealousy. Additionally, there was an incident wherein one of the commenters attempted to arrest a wanted man when her husband, Duane "Dog" Chapman, stepped in and caught him first.

The Dog and Beth: On The Hunt star also added that her throat cancer has spread to her lungs, and she has been using exercise to get her lung capacity back. She continued on to say that working out has been part of her healing process, and she will not apologize for attempting to "get well."

"I find it disgusting that someone would suggest that this 8 inch scare [sic] across my throat is fake or the rounds of chemo were fake it's so outrageous that 1. you'd have the nerve to utter that s**t under your breath, let alone out loud or on the internet," she said in the scathing post.

Chapman has been very honest and vocal about her latest cancer diagnosis, which was found during an emergency surgery back in November to remove a blockage. As The Inquisitr previously shared, Chapman started chemotherapy in January and has also been seeking additional, non-traditional treatments, such as CBD oil, acupuncture, and over the counter medications to aid her amidst the grim prognosis.

Aside from trying to get the Chapman family matriarch back in good health, the family has been busy chasing down "bad guys" and working on their new show, Dog's Most Wanted. Recently, the famous bounty hunting duo took down 39-year-old Jinel Sexton, who has been accused of rape and sexual battery of a minor. The couple found Sexton hiding out in Louisiana after skipping out on his $200,000 bail, as The Inquisitr also shared.