March 11, 2019
Reality Steve Stands By His 'Bachelor' Spoilers, Ready To Celebrate Nailing Colton Underwood's Season Ending

Spoiler king Reality Steve is taking to Twitter ahead of Colton Underwood's two-night Bachelor finale to make it clear he remains confident he's nailed this season. Colton's journey to find love has been one of the wildest in franchise history, and viewers will see what comes next with the final two episodes airing on Monday and Tuesday nights. It's clear that Reality Steve isn't feeling any concerns about having gotten the spoilers wrong.

So far, despite how unusual Colton's journey has been, Reality Steve has had all of the key Bachelor spoilers right. As The Inquisitr previously shared, Underwood said not long ago that some of the teasers floating around were wrong. At this point, however, that hasn't played out to be the case.

Reality Steve posted on Twitter Monday morning that he is looking to these last two episodes as vindication for all of The Bachelor spoilers he revealed before the first commercial for Colton's season even aired. The gossip king also noted that he is regularly reminded that his job is a thankless one, noting that's already started.

The Bachelor spoilers for this season have included some wild twists and turns and Reality Steve has been open all along in noting that there were some information gaps here and there. He had originally revealed that Colton and Cassie got engaged during the final rose ceremony, but before long he had revised his spoilers to break down how off-the-rails things went for Underwood.

His Bachelor spoilers have indicated that before all is said and done, Colton will eliminate both Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin, not even going on his overnight date with Hannah. Reality Steve says that then Underwood will fly back to California to make contact with Cassie Randolph again.

If Reality Steve's Bachelor spoilers are right, Colton and Cassie end up agreeing to date, but they hold off on an engagement. While Underwood has said that something about the spoilers for all of this are inaccurate, he himself has accidentally revealed signs that pretty solidly point toward an ongoing relationship with Cassie.

Shortly after his tweet about being vindicated, Reality Steve also tweeted about how this has been an interesting season for him. He said he's never had a season where people kissed up to him so much to his face as they talked smack about him behind his back. Obviously, he didn't share any specifics, but it sounds as if he has some pretty interesting stories about everything that's gone down this winter.

While Reality Steve has plenty of fans, he has plenty of critics too. There are a lot of Bachelor fans who would love to see these spoilers end up being inaccurate, just to celebrate the confident gossip guru being wrong. It'll take until some point within Tuesday's finale to see how things go for Colton Underwood and it's clear that people will be watching and buzzing about this one no matter how it ends.

Update: Now it seems that Reality Steve's spoilers may have been incorrect in one sense and as The Inquisitr just detailed, he's admitting the mistake. Will the spoilers be accurate in all other senses as Colton Underwood's Bachelor journey wraps up Tuesday night?