March 11, 2019
Celebrities Hilariously Sound Off Against Daylight Saving Time On Twitter

Waking up and experiencing the hangover from moving our clock forward generally slaps us in the face and reminds us that the Monday morning after Daylight Saving Time starts is the Monday-est Monday morning ever.

And, it's universally agreed that celebrities are different from us in so many ways. But as far as DST is concerned, it's a sure bet that we're all united in despising it if their hilarious reactions on social media are any indication.

For instance, famed wrestler Ric Flair, also known as the Nature Boy, let us know that the jet lag of the morning after Daylight Saving Time starts makes him so mad he's ready to rumble.

There are two things that really make Mr. Crabs from the animated show SpongeBob SquarePants grouchy: losing money and losing an hour of sleep every spring.
Leah Rimini lets us know that she hates DST and that she has more clocks in her house than most of us.
Yeah, it does Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
It might be a good idea, Reese. You'll get accustomed to the change quicker.
That's what most of us are wondering, too, Nate Berkus.
Oh my.
Arizona and Hawaii are the only two states in America that don't have it, and as most of us start their morning, we're apt to feel a twinge of jealousy because people there got to sleep in an extra hour.

Daylight Saving Time has been linked to several health issues including heart attack and stroke. It even interferes with in-vitro fertilization. So, since it's so universally despised and bad for you, it begs the question: Is anyone working on abolishing it?

The short answer that that inquiry is no. Many state legislatures in the U.S. are calling the practice of changing the clock bi-annually "ineffective" and "confusing," reports Politico. However, states such as Michigan and Washington are working on making it permanent, thus eliminating what is felt to be an unnecessary tradition.

Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio sounded off about the subject on social media Monday morning. Both of them tweeted about how they were supporting making Daylight Saving Time permanent across the United States.

Likewise, The Inquisitr reports that even President Trump endorses making Daylight Saving Time permanent. The president weighed in on the topic that's on most people's mind this morning in a tweet, saying that making it permanent is "O.K." with him.
One Twitter user, Ash, joked and utilized a well-known Trump-ism by pointing out that Daylight Saving Time is fake news unless it's in the fall.