March 11, 2019
Clark Gregg Slams 'Captain Marvel' Critics As 'Sad Dinosaurs Wandering Toward The Tar Pits'

Captain Marvel flew into theaters at the end of last week and is already killing it at the box office. The latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has soared to the highest opening weekend with a female lead, and the second highest opening weekend of a comic book film and the clock has barely ticked over into Monday in some parts of the world.

But while most fans are ecstatic over an awesome new female superhero and the empowering story she has been given, there has been plenty of criticism for the film as well. Clark Gregg, who reprises his role as the beloved S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson in the new movie, has had some harsh words for those who haven't rated Captain Marvel very highly.

As reported by Comic Book, Gregg was less than impressed with the critics. He seemed to be particularly irritated by the fact that many male fans are unhappy with the film because lead star Brie Larson is a woman and an outspoken one at that.

"There are people that get very bent out of shape about the fact that she's a woman, and that Brie's a woman, and wants to see women moving into an equal place in humanity to men. It's sad. It must be sad to be that kind of dinosaur wandering toward the tar pits."
Larson, who plays the titular character in the film, has been a specific point of contention, given the amount of press she was given during the buildup to the movie. Speaking to the media, she on multiple occasions said she wanted more female voices in film and in the media and also more people of color instead of the usual white men.

Her comments prompted many to label her as both sexist and racist.

It was also the reason that Rotten Tomatoes has had to change the way it allows reviews for new films. Long before the movie even hit cinemas, those haters took to the website in the thousands in an attempt to tank the reviews. As a result, Rotten Tomatoes had to delete more than 50,000 reviews before the March 8 release date, making an official statement about it.

"We launched some changes to the movie pre-release functionality last week, which included not allowing users to leave a comment or review prior to a movie's release in theaters."
The film review site added that fans would still be able to vote on whether or not they were interested in watching a film before its release, despite the change to the ability to review it.