‘The Masked Singer’s’ Joey Fatone Gets A Tattoo Of His Rabbit Character

Leon BennettGetty Images

Joey Fatone’s time on The Masked Singer seemingly meant something special to the former ‘NSYNC group member. The singer appeared to love his time on the hit series so much that he got a tattoo of his character, the rabbit, inked on his body.

On Sunday night, Joey Fatone took to his Instagram account to share a photo of his latest piece of ink. In the photo, the back of Joey’s leg is seen with a large tattoo of the rabbit inked on his calf.

The tattoo had a striking resemblance to Joey’s The Masked Singer costume, which was a large, white bunny rabbit with one straight ear and one bent ear. The rabbit also boasted glowing red eyes and had a white straightjacket as his outfit.

The tattoo portrayed the rabbit in front of a pink and blue background, and got the details such as the wires running through the masks’ ears, the red eyes, whiskers, and wardrobe down pat.

Fatone revealed that the work was down by Zoey Taylor at Warren Tattoo, raving that she did an amazing job on his latest tattoo, and encouraged his followers to go see her if they were looking for some stellar ink work.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Joey Fatone was revealed to be the rabbit on The Masked Singer during the show’s semi-finals. The panel of judges, which included Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, and Robin Thicke, were all delighted to see Joey behind the mask and had loved his performances each and every week.

Joey says that his former ‘NSYNC group member, Lance Bass, and his friend Nick Lachey, both immediately knew he was behind the costume, but that he never came out and confirmed that it was him under the mask.

“I didn’t tell Nick specifically I was on it. He kind of asked me and I brushed him off until now. Lance [Bass] talked about it and I just kind of kept it quiet a little bit. But the minute the second episode aired he goes, ‘Dude, I know it’s you.’ They know exactly my voice, my tone and everything. So then last night Lance texts me like, ‘Yay! I can finally tell people now. I don’t have to shut my mouth anymore.’ It was funny!” Joey told Bustle after being eliminated from the show.

Joey Fatone’s tattoo shows how much he enjoyed his time on The Masked Singer, and fans can’t wait for Season 2 so that they can begin the guessing game all over again.