Kendall Jenner Befriends, Hangs Out With Snake

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Supermodel Kendall Jenner spent her Saturday night being held close, and, no, it wasn’t by basketball player beau Ben Simmons, either. Interestingly enough, the TV personality got up close and personal to a fairly large snake. The 23-year-old showed she was no shrinking violet, as well, letting the serpent coil around her lower forearm. Jenner shared the bold gesture with her 106 million followers through her Instagram stories, according to Cosmopolitan.

The snake, which appeared to be an albino python or boa constrictor, seemed pretty chill about the whole thing. Which is good because startled snakes can sometimes lash out if they’re spooked. And, you know? Snakebites and haute couture do not go well together. The Keeping Up With the Kardashian star also shared another video captioned “my son” of her newly found scaly buddy hanging out in its enclosure.

Fans might remember that Kendall got a huge snake tattoo for a series of covers for V Magazine as evidenced by the photos provided by People Magazine. The KUWTK star also wore a nude, snake-covered dress to Cannes. In light of all this, it might be safe to assume that the Victoria’s Secret Angel is a fan of snakes.

Snakes often creep people out, as 66% of people surveyed by Cosmopolitan show. In fact, the majority said they would take a hard pass on ever letting a snake cling to them like Kendall Jenner did. However, there are plenty of fans out there that dig ladies that spend quality time with snakes.

For starters, who can forget the steamy striptease of bada** Zhora, the replicant in the original Blade Runner movie, did with her cyborg snake? Her moves even made Harrison Ford’s character blush! Or Britney Spears’s iconic VMA performance where she busted some dance moves and sported a huge albino snake on her shoulders as an accessory.

There are also celebrities who own snakes, including former guitarist Slash of Guns & Roses fame. Slash is a huge fan of reptiles, and according to Newsday, the rocker owns a variety of the legless creatures. Bindi Irwin inherited her late father Steve Irwin’s love of all animals and has been snapped interacting with several types of reptiles, including snakes.

Celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Slash and Bindi Irwin represent people who bring public awareness to snakes and other reptiles. Snakes play a vital role in the environment, and they are often misunderstood. What’s more, misconceptions about snakes make them some of the most persecuted of all animals, and their greatest predators are humans.

So, before you think the only good snake is a dead snake or say, “How could you touch one of those things, Kendall……?,” keep in mind that snakes benefit the ecosystem by keeping pests such as rats and mice under control.

There are also some faux reptile prints that are cute, and they can make you look just as sexy as Kendall’s billionaire little sis Kylie does in one of her recent Instagram shots.

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