Donald Trump Is A ‘Deep Thinker,’ Says Roseanne Barr

Rachel LunaGetty Images

Roseanne Barr keeps doubling down on the angry and odd statements she has been making lately in the press by making more comments about minorities and the alleged victims of crime and abuse.

The Daily Beast says that Barr insulted #MeToo victims, saying that the women knew what they were getting into, then calling them “hos.” She added that the women complaining about powerful men in Hollywood were just trading sex for money or a job. Now she’s saying that President Donald Trump is a “genius” and a “deep thinker,” who shouldn’t be judged by the things he tweets or what he says.

But the comedian, who was recently fired by ABC, continues to up the angry ante by saying that if people don’t want to have sex with you, then you have to rely on actual talent in order to make it in show business.

“If you’re not fu**able, it’s no good. I’m one of the few women who’s made it on talent in Hollywood. I tried to sleep my way to the top but there were no takers.”

Barr then rounded out her latest rant by quoting boxer Mike Tyson, who did time behind bars for rape.

“My friend Mike Tyson the boxer called it #YouToo. It’s a witch hunt.”

The former star of Roseanne rounded out her statements by lodging accusations against former first lady Michelle Obama, saying that she is the reason that ABC fired her after she made racist comments about Valerie Jarrett while under the influence of the sleep drug, Ambien. Barr says that Obama called ABC and pressured them to cancel her show after she sent the tweet in question.

But The Daily Beast states that they know where all of the outrageous rhetoric is coming from, because Barr is pushing a new, albeit, lower key project, and she wants everyone to tune in to see what other crazy things she might say. After the incendiary comments, the former sitcom star mentioned that she has a new daily show on Jewish Life TV called Roseanne and the Rabbi with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. The plan is for the two to speak at length about the Torah in a talk show format.

The Inquisitr says that daytime talk shows seem to be Barr’s new home base, as, after the Twitter backlash, she went on Dr. Oz in an attempt to explain that she didn’t mean what she said because it was the Ambien talking.