‘America’s Got Talent’ Judge Julianne Hough Puts Dancer’s Body & Decolletage On Display In Scoop-Neck Bikini

Former Dancing with the Stars judge Julianne Hough has certainly remained relevant over the past few years, having not only won the world’s premier dance competition multiple times but also going on to serve as a regular cast member. Despite all of her work in the entertainment industry in recent years, however, her social media presence may prove to be equally powerful. Currently boasting 4.5 million followers on popular photo and video sharing platform Instagram, Julianne is poised to ride her rising star all the way to the top.

In her most recent share, the world-famous dancer can be seen reclining on a well-loved couch in a casual manner. Backgrounded by all manner of flora — from great trees to sculpted hedges — it appears that the blonde bombshell is totally in her element, one of relaxation and positive energy.

The candid shot captures her wearing a skintight teal bikini, one featuring a scoop neck which exposes a great expanse of her flawless skin and fair complexion in the process. Her slender arms, svelte waistline, and naturally lovely face are on full display in the snapshot — sunlight drenching the photographic frame with just enough energy to lend a certain crispness to the entire affair.


Julianne is sporting a coy, restrained smile on her face. Her lips are painted a pretty petal pink, and her signature shocked blonde locks are contained by a loose bandanna. She accessorized her look with a number of beaded bracelets, a touch of blush, and a pencil held ever so lightly in her right hand. It appears as if she is writing in a journal. A candle and what looks to be a circular zen garden or rock garden appears beside her, partially obscured by more greenery in the foreground.

Giving a shout out in the caption to her photographer, Brooks Laich, and little else — Julianne Hough seemingly preferred to let the photo speak for itself. Her fans seemed to appreciate the sentiment, awarding her over 8,000 likes and dozens of comments in less a matter of minutes.

One user gushed, “You are such an inspiration for me!!!!” while a second Instagram fan quipped, “Beauty and brains,” followed by a flexing emoji and a heart emoji.


Julianne has a reputation for blending business with pleasure, in the sense that she always seems to be in a cheery mood and is unafraid to tackle life’s difficulties with a smile on her face. Her positive attitude is admirable and is surely one of the personality traits that drew people to her.

It seems that all of that hard work and positivity has paid off, per TV Line, as Hough has recently been announced as a judge on America’s Got Talent. Her sunny disposition, creative insight, and gentle honesty will almost certainly serve her well in her new role, and her fans wish her nothing but the best.