Nicki Minaj Fans Angrily Chant ‘Cardi B’ After Rapper Last-Minute Cancels French Concert

Nicki Minaj fans in France caused an uproar this weekend when the rapper was forced to cancel her Bordeaux concert at the Arkea Arena with Juice Wrld due to technical difficulties. On Saturday evening, Minaj shared the cancellation announcement on social media within hours of her scheduled performance, leaving fans who were already waiting at the venue angry. In response to the news, frustrated concertgoers began chanting the name of Minaj’s musical rival, Cardi B.

“The Arkea Arena of Bordeaux refuses that the show will take place tonight for technical reasons,” the announcement on the rapper’s Instagram read, according to ET Canada. “Despite all the efforts we have provided, we are in regret to cancel tonight’s show.”

The post continued on to say that Minaj and Juice Wrld were at the venue on Saturday evening waiting for the OK to perform, but the technical issues could not be resolved. Tickets will be refunded from the point of purchase.

This was the second canceled concert of Minaj’s tour.

The 36-year-old “Bang Bang” rapper’s news received a mix of comments. Some fans wrote that they understood the cancelation was out of Minaj’s control, while others expressed disappointment in the star.

“I’m so sad, I’ve been waiting for 7 years. You are not really sorry, girl,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another person wrote that staff at the venue “confirmed that [Minaj] had never set foot in the room,” but a Snapchat video posted to Twitter does show the rapper interacting with fans at the arena around the time of the concert.

Many of the angry fans were reportedly waiting at the Arkea Arena for hours before hearing the news. Video footage posted to Twitter shows a crowd standing in front of the stage as two venue workers delivered the announcement. The audience immediately began to boo as they began exiting the room, TMZ reported. Toward the end of the video, a small group of concertgoers started chanting “Cardi B” repeatedly, causing several others to join in.

Minaj and Cardi B have a history of feuding. The two rappers made headlines over the summer when they reportedly got into a physical altercation at a party in New York. For several weeks following the incident, Minaj and Cardi fought indirectly via social media. The feud has since seemed to settle down, but the women continue to be known as rivals.

Later on Saturday evening, Minaj responded to the criticism over her canceled concert on Twitter, explaining that she and Juice Wrld were excited to perform.

“Why would an artist cancel a show & lose money? What for? When they’re already in the building, dressed, etc. The artist is just as mad as the fans when a show can’t go on,” she wrote.

The rapper also addressed the situation in a video on Instagram in which she said that it would never be in her best interest to skip a performance without good reason.

“I love performing for my fans,” Minaj said.