WWE News: Superstar Returns After More Than Six Months Out Of The Ring, Tag Team Officially Done


After more than six months out of the ring, Luke Harper has finally returned. He made an appearance at a WWE Live Event this past Saturday. The SmackDown Live superstar has been out of the ring since 2018, when he last fought as part of the Bludgeon Brothers tag team with Erick Rowan. As proven by how things have transpired in the last few weeks, it appears as if the tag team is, in all likelihood, done for good.

The last time wrestling fans saw Luke Harper in action was in August of last year when he was still teaming with Rowan as the Bludgeon Brothers. They were the tag team champions for months and had to drop the titles to The New Day, as a result of a few injuries.

Rowan suffered a torn bicep and had to undergo surgery, which first caused them to drop the titles. During that time, Harper was out of the ring and had surgery for a wrist injury, which kept him out of action even longer.

Weeks ago, Rowan returned to SmackDown Live and partnered with WWE Champion Daniel Bryan as something of a bodyguard. Everyone wondered if Harper would side with them when he returned, but that doesn’t seem as if it will be the case.

As Wrestling Inc. reported, Harper first started making waves early on Saturday.

WWE had a live event for the Monday Night Raw brand in Rochester that night, but it wasn’t confirmed he was returning. Later that night, he did indeed return to the ring and was back in his old outfit, consisting of jeans and a black tank top.

He did come out in a rather odd trenchcoat — which was reminiscent of the Bludgeon Brothers — but he had on his old ring gear underneath it.

Seeing as how it was a WWE Live Event, it’s possible that things will change once he ends up back on television. There are a lot of signs pointing to the idea that he’s no longer going to be in a tag team with Erick Rowan as the Bludgeon Brothers.

Rowan has an entirely new gimmick on SmackDown Live with Daniel Bryan. He appears to be back in his old gimmick, and his first return match was for the Monday Night Raw brand, completely separating the Bludgeon Brothers from one another. It will be interesting to see what WWE does with Harper, and how he is used when he comes back to television.