How Far Does JJ Lane Make It On 'The Bachelorette' With Kaitlyn Bristowe? [Spoilers]

Bachelorette contestant JJ Lane is trying to win Kaitlyn Bristowe's heart, and he's off to a good start. The 30-year-old CEO from Colorado gets a group date rose on Week 2, but will he make it to the final rose ceremony?

JJ Lane, who stood up to drunk contestant Ryan McDill on the second night of the Bachelorette premiere, is a single dad with an adorable 3-year-old daughter, Gemma. The CEO of 360 Service Companies, a Denver-based residential services company, Lane graduated from the University of Denver with a BSBA in finance.

Viewers will recall that he is the guy who gave Kaitlyn a hockey puck on the season premiere, and told her he'd like to puck her. According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, JJ gets a chance to be funny again when he goes on a group date with six other guys on the May 25 episode of the Bachelorette.

The guys go to a comedy club in L.A. and try their best to become stand-up comics with the help of comedienne Amy Schumer. [Video below.] JJ obviously impresses Kaitlyn with his sense of humor – he gets the group date rose and continues on to the third week of the competition.

Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that JJ Lane goes on several group dates this season, including the comedy club date (Week 2), a sumo wrestling date in L.A. (Week 3), the rap battle date in New York City (Week 4), and a group date (Week 5) in San Antonio, Texas, that requires 10 guys sing to Kaitlyn in mariachi outfits.

JJ travels with Kaitlyn and eight guys to Dublin, Ireland, for Week 6, and still doesn't get a one-on-one date. Instead, he gets stuck with what is always the worst date on any season of the Bachelorette – the dreaded two-on-one.

According to Reality Steve, JJ Lane and Joe Bailey go on a picnic with Kaitlyn. Hopefully the food was good, because spoilers indicate that JJ is sent home, and Joe gets the two-on-one date rose.

While JJ doesn't make it to the final rose ceremony, he does have a daughter waiting for him back home – that makes him a winner despite the elimination on Week 6. Fans who hope to see JJ again will have to wait until the Women Tell All special, scheduled to air July 20. So far, Lane is not on the rumored cast list for Bachelor in Paradise Season 2, but the final list has yet to be confirmed by ABC.

Watch the Bachelorette starring Kaitlyn Bristowe on Monday nights on ABC, or live online via the Watch ABC app.[Image: JJ Lane/Facebook]