‘Catastrophe’ Season 4 Trailer Shares Teases For The Amazon Show’s Series Finale

Bryan BedderGetty Images

The Amazon Emmy-nominated comedy Catastrophe will debut its final season on March 15, and producers are promising “heartbreak and honesty” in Season 4 of the unflinching look at parenting.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Catastrophe official trailer is finally available on YouTube, showing that though the main characters, Rob and Sharon, are still together, they have more rough chapters ahead, including the death of Rob’s mother, which will match up with the real-life death of actor, Carrie Fisher, who passed away just after the third season of the show wrapped.

Catastrophe is the story of an American advertising executive (Delaney) and an Irish schoolteacher living in London (Horgan), who have an extended one night stand during a business trip and are faced with an unexpected pregnancy which leads to a challenging marriage.

In a teaser of the final season of the series, Rosie Knight of The Hollywood Reporter says that Catastrophe is a rare comedic look at parenthood that says having kids is not always rewarding. In fact, sometimes Delaney and Horgan show a negative, but darkly funny look at everything from alcoholism to infidelity, suicide, and even cervical dysplasia.

Season 3 of the series, which ended with Delaney in a drunk-driving accident, sets the stage for his character to be in a neck brace, attending AA meetings while continuing to work on his rocky marriage. His life is all about balancing his recovery from the accident, his fight against alcoholism and his two jobs, including his community service at a charity shop.

While the trailer shows that Rob and Sharon are still dealing with the same challenges, they still have a close bond as they parent their two children with love through loss and major setbacks.

The final season of Catastrophe is dedicated to Carrie Fisher who died suddenly following a heart attack on a flight home from the Season 3 season wrap party, reports The Inquisitr. Fisher, who was 60 then, had reportedly suffered a relapse of her drug addiction shortly before her death which was mourned by the cast and crew.

Rob Delaney fondly remembers Fisher, who played his often cranky, sarcastic mother, calling her “brilliant.” He credited Fisher with an amazing performance in Season 3 as her role had really expanded.

“Yes, I knew Carrie Fisher. She played my mom on Catastrophe, the sitcom I write and star in with Sharon Horgan. Or should I say, ‘plays my mom,’ since we just finished shooting last week and Carrie’s scenes haven’t been seen by anyone yet. Except for me and Sharon that is, and our director, producer and editor. We’ve seen them and they’re amazing.”