Jeremy Allen White Flaunts Nude Chiseled Torso During ‘Shameless’ Season 9 Finale

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Shameless fans are going to want to have a drool bucket or a towel to wipe the drool from their mouth during the Season 9 finale of Shameless tomorrow, as episode snapshots reveal a scene with Jeremy Allen White, who plays the role of Lip Gallagher, rocking nothing more than a bath towel.

The scene features White flaunting his nude chiseled torso with his hands resting in a superhero-style pose on his hips as he appears to be engaging in a serious conversation with his sister Fiona (Emmy Rossum).

With no water glistening on his ripped exposed skin and dry hair, it appears as if his sister may have caught him before he made his way into the shower.

While it is unclear because the photo only features the backside of Fiona, it does look as if she has her hand hovering above her suitcase. So, there is a small chance this is a scene where she is saying her final goodbyes to her brother, Lip.

Lip and Fiona have had their ups and downs this season as he had an especially hard time watching her go down the same path of struggling with alcohol that he had once endured. He, however, took a very tough-love approach to his sister, which may have been just what she needed as she started going to AA and got her life together shortly after her brother got everyone to stop babying her.

Jeremy Allen White and Emmy Rossum in Shameless
Jeremy Allen White and Emmy RossumFeatured image credit: Paul SarkisShowtime

As fans who have stayed current with Season 9 know, Lip has had his own world turned upside down as his girlfriend, Tami (Kate Miner), recently revealed she was carrying his child. Lip even met her father, who insisted his daughter was keeping the child and asked what Lip was going to do about it.

Tami, however, tells a slightly different story as she maintains no man in her life will tell her what to do and only she will decide whether she is going to have the baby or not.


Because of health issues that run in the family, Tami knows there is a very strong chance she will not live a very long life. With this knowledge, she has told Lip she doesn’t want to have a child and just wants to enjoy a carefree life while she has a life to live. Knowing that she is pregnant, she did go to the doctor to find out whether she is likely to die at an early age.

Kate Miner as Tami, Jeremy Allen White as Lip, and Christian Isaiah as Liam in Shameless
Featured image credit: Paul SarkisShowtime

Tami appears to be holding what could be a beer bottle in one of the photos of the Season 9 finale episode, so it remains unclear whether she is giving up the baby or just making poor choices.

Fans can only hope the final episode of the season will come with some closure regarding what Lip and Tami will do with the baby moving forward.

The Shameless Season 9 finale airs Sunday, March 10, on Showtime.