Victoria’s Secret Model Shanina Shaik Defends Nude Instagram Snapshot

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Shanina Shaik took to Instagram yesterday to celebrate International Woman’s Day by flaunting her birthday suit for her 1.7 million followers.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the NSFW photo featured the Victoria’s Secret model sans clothing as she stood with the side of her nude body facing the camera. The Australian model did decide to censor her nipples by blurring them out before she published her nude photo to her Instagram profile.

Her body was tilted in a way that put her plump backside and trim frame on full display as she tilted her head up toward the sky and appeared to be soaking up the sun.

While the sultry snapshot paying tribute to women was well-received by her followers as they showered it with just shy of 30,000 likes in the 24 hours since it was published, The Daily Mail reports that not everyone enjoyed the risque snapshot.

In fact, some criticized the brunette bombshell noting that a nude photo missed the point of International Women’s Day entirely and didn’t understand why she needed to strip to pay tribute to women.

Shaik – who frequently posts nude and nearly-nude photos on Instagram – is no stranger to a few trolls lingering in the comments. She, however, was unwilling to sit back and ignore the negative comments on what she believed was a beautiful tribute to women.

“Stripping doesn’t make you strong happy women’s day to all the women who know what real strength is,” one individual criticized in the comments of the nude photo.

“This is simply capturing a beautiful image of a raw woman’s body. Where is stripping? And shouldn’t we uplift women on international women’s day????” The 28-year-old model said as she clapped back at the Instagram troll.

Unfortunately, for Shanina the troll wasn’t alone as others chimed in to share their thoughts on the conversation.

One individual tagged the model and pointed out the fact that the original users was just saying that you didn’t need to be naked to celebrate International Women’s Day. This second individual, however, did agree that bringing each other down was a distasteful thing to do.

Not done with the conversation, Shaik fired back that the real issue was the sexualization of the nude female body as it shouldn’t matter whether she is or isn’t wearing clothing.

The second user also fired back that they understood where she was coming from, but a nude photo is always going to be viewed in a sexual manner regardless of when it is posted or who is in it.

According to The Daily Mail, this Instagram feud between Shanina and a few of her followers comes just after she revealed her desire to start a family with her husband DJ Ruckus.