R. Kelly Has Been Released From Jail Again, Following The Payoff Of His Child Support Debt

Rick DiamondGetty Images

Embattled singer R. Kelly has been released from jail again. As The Chicago Sun Times reported, someone has come forward to pay off the $161,1663 of debt that Kelly owed in child support payments, and thus, Kelly has been released.

Reportedly, the singer left the Cook County jail wearing a gray hoodie and large winter coat, and was accompanied by his attorney, Steve Greenberg.

“I promise you, we’re going to straighten all this stuff out. That’s all I can say right now. I promise you,” Kelly said before entering a vehicle that drove him away from the jailhouse.

A spokesperson for the Cook County sheriff’s department, Sophia Ansari, gave an update, and revealed that although she did not know who paid off Kelly’s massive debt, that he would need to be released following the terms of his arraignment — wherein a judge ordered the “I Believe I Can Fly” singer to remain in jail until the debt was paid off.

This is the second donation made by an outside source to Kelly’s legal battles, as the R&B singer previously spent three nights in jail for the sexual abuse charges against him. As TheChicago Sun Times shared, a Romeoville woman who became friends with Kelly after meeting him on a cruise around Lake Michigan put forth the money to have him released.

Kelly sat down with Gayle King this week for an interview on CBS This Morning, and told King that he only had $350,000 in his bank account, despite a lengthy, once successful musical career. He claimed that he was unable to access this money due to his legal battle concerning the multiple accounts of sexual abuse, and that his team tried to come up with some sort of payment plan, which the judge denied before sentencing him to jail.

Kelly further alleged that his ex-wife, Andrea “Drea” Kelly, has been “brainwashing” his children, and has kept them away from him. Following the highly publicized Lifetime docu-series, Surviving R. Kelly, Drea and Kelly’s eldest daughter, Buki Adi, spoke about the pain they have been feeling following the series, and how Kelly is a “toxic” person that they have to love from a distance.

As the Inquisitr shared, Kelly has not made contact with his family since 2017, and that when he changed his cell phone number a few years ago, he neglected to give his former spouse his updated contact information.

During his emotional sit down with King, a tearful Kelly claimed that he has been “fighting” for his family, and that Drea’s insistence that the children not have any contact with the singer has been detrimental to his mental health.

“What kind of woman would tear down a dad who’s trying to have a relationship with their kids? You know how many kids need a relationship with their father? Oh my God,” Kelly told King.