UFC Ring Girl Arianny Celeste & Her 4 Hot Girlfriends Strip Down To Skimpy Bikinis On Instagram

Dylan BuellGetty Images

UFC ring girl and up-and-coming model Arianny Celeste has been making quite the splash on social media as of late. Frequently taking the time to share revealing, sexy snapshots with her legions of devotees, the brunette bombshell knows exactly which buttons to push to get results from her broader audience.

In her most recent Instagram share, Arianny provides a number of inspired yet sultry snapshots to her most ardent admirers, each one distinctly interesting in its own way. However, the most impressive image is placed front and center — a capture of Arianny and four of her most attractive girlfriends standing in a row, all wearing very skimpy bikinis as they do so.

Backgrounded by what appears to be a very cloudy day at the beach — or a bright white studio setting, it’s difficult to tell — Arianny can be seen second from the right. She is wearing a hot pink bikini top which pushes her bountiful bust into prominence, her deep cleavage on full display. Her signature chestnut tresses are styled in luxurious waves, curling as they tumble about her neck and shoulders. A pair of high-waisted bikini bottoms in a crimson shade does little to hide her feminine silhouette. Flanked by a diverse group of equally glamorous ladies, the women all wearing shades of pink and red, it looks like the UFC ring girl has a cadre of companions to contend with the world’s top beauty models.

Other images in the series convey Arianny sharing a classy garden party with friends, a sun-drenched lingerie shoot featuring her and two other women, and a “girl power” snapshot from a breezy sea-side. All of these images were shared in the spirit of International Women’s Day 2019.

In the caption attached to the series of provocative pictures, the toned entertainer and social media influencer waxed poetic, speaking to the strengths of femininity. It appears that her fans and followers loved the brief bit of philosophy, lavishing over 34,000 likes in addition to 200-plus comments on Arianny Celeste’s share.

One user was apparently in total agreement with Arianny, writing, “And a strong women [sic] isn’t afraid to stand strong for her beliefs and idealism regardless of what others think of her opinion. I totally support women’s empowerment. Go girls.” A second Instagram fan was much less tactful, amorously quipping, “Ideal Harem… Nosebleed,” followed by a string of heart-eyed emojis.

Arianny Celeste is developing a higher profile by the day, and her fans simply can’t see what heights she might reach — and what she might share with the world next.