Buxom ‘Playboy’ Model Sara Underwood Goes Braless, Plays With Power Tools In Sultry Snapshot

Ethan MillerGetty Images

American Playboy model Sara Jean Underwood is one of the world’s most beautiful women, having held that honor for many years now. Frequently taking to popular social media platform Instagram to wow her most ardent admirers with her latest and greatest sultry snapshots, the blonde bombshell knows exactly how to titillate her viewing audience.

In her most recent share, Sara can be seen striking a casual yet sexy pose while on her knees. She is backgrounded by the beginnings of a finished wood cabin, a fact which is further emphasized in the caption attending the photo. Wearing a skimpy red and white crop top which is cut severely short to reveal her flat stomach and flawless skin, Sara opted to go braless underneath — leaving very little to the imagination. Sporting a casual red beanie which contains her signature platinum blonde tresses, locks of which tumble about in a carefree manner to frame her lovely face, the model conjures a competent, confident, and ultimately casual aesthetic.

In her right hand, Sara clutches a black and yellow power drill — and although the color scheme matches the famous DeWalt shades, no brand name is visible on the power tool. Fitting a screw to the tip of the drill, and being surrounded by a small army of awkwardly angled screws already placed in the wood planks beneath her knees, it looks like Sara is ready to get down to work.

Finishing off the look with a high-waisted pair of denim jeans which serve to accentuate her hourglass silhouette, a nude lip, and a bit of foundation and concealer, Sara Underwood seems to be summoning slight shades of Heidi Keppert — the attractive assistant to Tim “The Toolman” Taylor (Tim Allen) on 1990s sitcom Home Improvement.

In the caption attached to the photo, Sara Underwood spurred her admirers on, telling them to see more of her cabin build by following the link in her bio. Despite having been posted for a matter of hours, her fans and followers have already showered the sexy snapshot with love — the post garnered over 48,000 likes and 300-plus comments in very short order.

One user wrote, “work it baby you doing a good job,” while a second Instagram fan joked, “You screwed everything insight [sic].”

Sara’s efforts to construct a cabin on solid ground follow a lengthy adventure during which she and her boyfriend, Jacob Witzling, traveled the world in a mobile cabin. With the small cabin being attached to the bed of a vintage 1979 Ford F-250, per Designboom, it looks like the pair liked the experience so much that they decided to settle on a more static version of the same shelter.

Jacob is not only Sara’s boyfriend but also her principal photographer.