Yazmin Oukhellou Glows In Natural Banana Cosmetics In Latest Instagram Selfie

Jeff SpicerGetty Images

Yazmin Oukhellou is notorious for being especially active on social media. As The Inquisitr reported just yesterday, the Only Way Is Essex star has accumulated an additional 3,000 Instagram followers in the past two weeks.

It is not uncommon for the TV personality to post new photos on her Instagram daily – and sometimes even multiple times a day – as she flaunts her toned and curvy frame in numerous form-flattering ensembles. What typically isn’t in Oukhellou’s social media wheelhouse, however, is sharing a photo sans makeup.

Yazmin, however, decided to continue to remind her 458,000 Instagram followers that she looks great no matter what she is or is not wearing in her latest selfie. Just a few hours ago, Yazmin shared a glowing snapshot of herself that at first glance appeared to be sans make-up.

Oukhellou revealed in the caption of the photo that she wasn’t void of any cosmetics, she had just opted for a more minimal look by utilizing some all-natural make-up instead. According to the caption, the TOWIE star was rocking “Banana Concealer & Instaglam Banana Powder” as well as an assortment of other natural products.

It was just four hours ago that Yazmin shared the captivating selfie of herself as she appeared to be resting on top of a mound of pillows of varying shades of grey. Cosmetics wasn’t the only thing Oukhellou opted to keep simple in the photo, as she also went with a very minimal hairstyle.

Yazmin had her dark tresses pulled up into a loose and messy bun on her head that one might refer to as a “mom bun.”

Her natural cosmetics put her smooth complexion on full display as her eyes – sans her usual bold black liner – sparkled for the camera. She pulled her softer and more natural look together with light pink lip color.

Despite the photo just being a few hours old on her profile, her Instagram following wasted no time showering the post with just over 16,000 likes and nearly 100 comments.

“You don’t need make up,” one follower gushed.

A second added: “Omg how stunning are you! Beautiful pic.”

“Look like a different person! much prettier like this,” a third agreed as they encouraged Yazmin to consider ditching make-up more often.

In a separate Instagram post Yazmin published roughly eight hours ago, the TOWIE star encouraged her followers to remember to always “be kind” regardless of what is going on in the world around them.

This PSA likely stems from the current drama in Yazmin’s life as her co-star Shelby Tribble recently called Oukhellou a “b***h,” The Daily Mail reports.

Unfortunately for Yazmin, her PSA about being kind wasn’t as well-received as her typical bikini-clad snapshots accumulating just 6,000 likes and less then 20 comments.