Wendy Williams Makes It Clear She Doesn’t Believe A Word Of ‘Leaving Neverland’ Documentary

Dave KotinskyGetty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald

Wendy Williams never has a problem discussing controversial topics. So, it comes as no surprise that the Leaving Neverland documentary has been a big topic of discussion on The Wendy Williams Show. According to Vibe magazine, Wendy Williams is completely against Leaving Neverland and she’s made it clear she doesn’t believe any of the claims detailed by the alleged victims.

Wendy believes the entire ordeal is nothing more than a “money grab.” The famed talk show host went on to explain why she doesn’t “believe a word of anything in this documentary.”

“I do believe that this is a money grab for the families,” the talk show host said.

Wendy went on to fiercely defend Michael Jackson, but did admit some of the things he was reportedly guilty of. Although she alluded to the idea of “mother nature” insinuating natural occurrences may have happened, Wendy Williams still doesn’t believe anything sexual occurred.

“I do believe there was shower in the nude. I don’t believe there was any sexual touching. I do believe sleepovers in the same bed. I do believe that if mother nature takes its course and, you know, you get a hard penis. I don’t believe touch, and I don’t believe sex,” she said.

Wendy Williams also went a step further by defending Michael Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson. It’s no secret the Jackson children didn’t have the best relationship with their father and Joe was reportedly abusive. With a very bad temper, Joe Jackson was a strict disciplinarian who didn’t believe in sparing the rod. Michael Jackson and his brothers were often victims of Joe’s violent temper.

Despite catapulting to heightened levels of success and acquiring fame and fortune, the Jackson children reportedly suffered mental and physical abuse behind closed doors. However, Wendy Williams believes Joe did the best he could with his children.

While Michael Jackson was considered the most successful out of all of his siblings, Wendy Williams believes his success came with a very steep price tag. According to Williams, it seems like Michael Jackson became trapped in his own life and the expectations he had to live up to. Wendy also expressed how she believes Michael turned to drugs to cope with the problems in his life.

“Michael became the star of the family, and even though he had all those siblings, he was still trapped in being Michael,” she said. “I do believe that Michael was having a problem with drugs.”

Leaving Neverland premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, and is now on HBO.