Showtime’s ‘SMILF’ Will Not Return For Third Season Amid Misconduct Allegations Against Creator Frankie Shaw

Cindy OrdGetty Images

SMILF will not be returning to Showtime for a third season, according to Entertainment Tonight. The series has been cancelled due to an investigation led by ABC Studios in regards to misconduct allegations against the show’s creator, Frankie Shaw.

“After weighing a variety of factors, Showtime has decided that SMILF will not move forward for a third season. The remainder of the second season will continue to air as scheduled on Showtime through its series finale on March 31,” ABC Studios said in a statement.

The statement continued to thank the production teams in both Boston and Los Angeles — as well as the cast, crew, and Shaw herself for her “singular voice.” Shaw’s contract with Showtime has been suspended, without pay, while they review their options in regards to the ongoing investigation of misconduct.

Shaw responded to the show’s cancellation by posting on her Instagram, saying that she was having a “teary Shabbat,” and that she was wishing light and love to everyone, including her SMILF family.

The show, which centered around a single mother named Bridgette Bird from South Boston, followed Bird as she navigated her life as a new mom, often making impulsive and immature decisions while she struggled with being a young, unmarried mother. The show received mostly positive reviews, and currently has a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Rosie O’Donnell, who played Bridgette’s mother, Tutu, also took to Instagram to express her heartbreak over the show’s cancellation, and said that she fully loves and supports Frankie Shaw while she deals with her current investigation.

Back in December multiple employees came forward to say that Shaw inappropriately handled intimate scenes and was in violation of industry etiquette, as The Hollywood Reporter shared. Shaw denied the claims, and said through her attorney that it pained her to know that some of her staffers felt uncomfortable on set. She further stated that she is committed to making a safe workplace, where her employees could feel “heard” when an issue arises.

“I work daily to create an environment in which everyone should feel safe, and in which I can continue to grow as a leader and manager. I am now and always have been open to hearing and addressing all concerns and issues that fall within my control,” the actress added.

Samara Weaving, who played the love interest of the father of Shaw’s child on the show, left the series while claiming her contract had been breached, following an incident where she was filming an intimate scene on what was supposed to be a closed set — only to find out the monitors had been left on.

O’Donnell stepped in following Weaving’s departure, and contacted the executive producers of the series to express her concern over Weaving’s on-set treatment, though she insisted that she did not have any problem with Shaw.

SMILF will end with the final episode of season 2 acting as the series finale, on March 31.