Roy Moore Is ‘Seriously Considering’ Another Senate Run In 2020

Joe Raedle Getty Images

Roy Moore, who lost to Democrat Doug Jones in a heated 2017 Alabama Senate race, says that he is “seriously considering” running for the Senate again in 2020, according to The Hill.

Moore lost to Jones in a special election called after former Alabama senator, Jeff Sessions, had to step down after being appointed the Attorney General by Donald Trump. Moore was accused of improper conduct and sexual harassment by a number of women, ultimately leading to his loss despite Alabama traditionally being a deep-red state.

But that doesn’t seem to have dampened Moore’s confidence in gunning for Congress again. Moore made the comments about possibly running in 2020 to Bryan Fischer, host of Christian program Focal Point on American Radio.

“Tell me what you’re thinking about throwing your hat back into the ring,” Fischer asked Moore.

“I’m seriously considering it, I think that it (the 2017 Senate race) was stolen,” Moore replied.

“I think that’s been pronounced in the national newspapers – The New York Times, The Washington Post even has recognized there was a disinformation campaign going on in September of 2017 by forces outside of Alabama that spent a lot of money not regulated by the FEC in trying to dissuade Republicans from voting and encourage and enrage Democrats.”

Moore had been accused of sexual harassment by multiple women while he was in his 30s before the election. Moore and his campaign staff had unequivocally denied any claims of wrongdoing, maintaining that the allegations were an effort to discredit and smear him. Although polls suggested that Jones would have a tough time competing for the Senate seat in a state which had not chosen a Democrat to the Senate since 1992, the race ultimately turned out in Jones’ favor with the allegations against Moore leading to his collapse in the race.

At the time, President Donald Trump had endorsed Moore, but that seemed to have had little impact on the voters.

Moore’s flirtation with another campaign trail is a departure from what he had said immediately after the election. Speaking to after having lost to Jones, Moore had said that he would focus more on the lawsuits resulting from the allegations of the women against him, rather than another congressional bid.

“I’m not thinking about the future. I’m just dealing with the problems of the past. If we don’t get it straight today, I don’t know where the future will be,” he had said at the time.

Since his defeat, the former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court has been fairly vocal on social media, often expressing his support of Trump. He also got in a spat with Doug Jones two weeks ago when the latter challenged Moore to another race in 2020 if he thought the 2017 election was stolen.

“Let’s just do it again,” Jones told Politico.

Moore responded the next day, saying if he indeed did decide to run again, Jones would be the first to know.