‘The Bachelor’s’ Hannah B Caught Shooting Promos At Old University, Fueling Rumors She’s The ‘Bachelorette’


The Bachelor contestant Hannah Brown may have lost her chance at love with Colton Underwood this season, but Bachelor Nation is buzzing with speculation that she could be the next bachelorette. TMZ reports that Hannah has been spotted shooting promos at her alma mater, the University of Alabama. According to their article, the camera crew tried to get permission to shoot at her sorority house, but their access was denied because of the organization’s concerns about the safety of its members.

The 24-year-old former Miss Alabama was allowed to shoot at other locations on the campus, including their stadium. But as TMZ notes, just because she was spotted shooting promos does not automatically mean that Hannah B will be the next bachelorette. Former Bachelor contestant Cala Quinn shot promos as well, but Jojo Fletcher ended up being that season’s bachelorette.

Hannah became known for her quirky personality during Colton’s season of The Bachelor and nicknamed herself “The Hot Mess Express” during the first episode. She was also part of one of the main feuds this season, as she and fellow pageant queen, Caelynn Miller-Keys, clashed over a disagreement from their past. The source of their friction was never revealed on the show and on the recent “Women Tell All” episode, the two seemed to have resolved their differences.

Caelynn has also been pegged as a favorite to become the next bachelorette. During this season, Caelynn was one of the ladies who was slammed for “not being there for the right reasons” by the other contestants. Some claimed that she was not truly interested in building a relationship with Colton and accused her of being there just so that she could get a chance at being a star of the spin-off show.

But she won the hearts of several Bachelor fans during one episode when she revealed that she had been sexually assaulted while at college. Furthermore, during “Women Tell All,” Caelynn seemed genuinely hurt by the fact that she’d been dumped by Colton and expressed that she’d been genuinely hoping for a future with him.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Reality Steve, an online personality best known for offering spoilers about the franchise, has claimed that Hannah is the next bachelorette and that she has already filmed some “introductory footage.” This appears to line up with the TMZ report about her shooting promos on the University of Alabama campus.

As for when the official announcement will be made, that’s normally done during the “After The Final Rose” special, so we should know for sure whether Hannah B will get to hand out roses very soon.