Trump Threatens $25 Million Suit Against Man Who Started Online Petition To Get Him Fired From Macy’s

Donald Trump has threatened a $25 million suit against a man who started an online petition to get him fired from Macy’s.

Trump’s attorney sent a threatening letter to Angelo Carusone, the man launched the online petition to urge Macy’s to drop Trump, TheWrap reported.

The letter said that Trump plans to sue the man if he won’t stop the campaign.

The letter read:

“While you claim to be merely exercising or right to free speech, your egregious, pre-meditated and illegal conduct far exceeds anything protected by the Constitution. Rather than simply engage in lawful protest, you have apparently made it your mission to interfere with and intentionally disrupt Mr. Trump’s longstanding and well-established business relationship with Macy’s as well as his contractual dealings with other third parties through mob-like bullying and coercion.”

Launched last year, Carusone’s petition has generated 683,000 signatures on The petition asks Macy’s Chairman, CEO, and President Terry Lundgren to stop selling Trump’s line of fragrances and clothing. It calls out Donald Trump for his “unpleasant, nasty and despicable behavior,” including his sexist behavior and propagating the idea that President Obama is lying about his birthplace.

The petition reads:

“Macy’s: Donald Trump does not reflect the ‘magic of Macy’s.’ We urge you to sever ties with him. Macy’s says it has a strong obligation to be ‘socially responsible’ and that ‘actions speak louder than words.’ Indeed. It’s time to act.”

Even though Trump is threatening a suit that would cripple him financially, Carusone said he’s not giving in.

“Donald Trump’s attempt to silence me will not work. I’ve dealt with enough bullies and know better than to succumb to intimidation,” Carusone said in a statement. “By threatening me, Trump is only reinforcing the point that we’ve been trying to get Macy’s to recognize: that Trump’s brand is consequence-free bullying and chicanery; it shouldn’t be rewarded.”

Carusone’s lawyer also responded to Trump’s threat of a suit, writing that Carusone has a First Amendment right to advocate a boycott.

Though Trump is threatening a suit now, back in November he had a much more laid back attitude toward the petition. He noted then that he wasn’t worried about it, and that his perfume was selling well leading into the holiday season.