Donald Trump Slammed For Signing Bibles In Tornado Ravaged Alabama

Mark WilsonGetty Images

Donald Trump went to Alabama to survey the damage caused by tornadoes last weekend, but he’s getting heat on social media for signing his name on bibles belonging to residents and first responders.

“The same hands that fondled a porn star are now signing Bibles,” wrote a Twitter user. “Get me off the planet.”

Several pointed out how Trump administration policies seemed at odds with the tenets of Christianity.

“Donald J. Trump is signing Bibles,” tweeted Peter Daou, a former adviser to former Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. “The man whose vicious and inhumane border policy violates the fundamental teachings of Jesus is signing Bibles.”

Others expressed disappointment that anyone even asked the president to sign the holy books.

“That Trump is such a narcissist that he would sign his name to a bible is not nearly as disheartening as so-called Christians ASKING him to sign their Bibles,” another Twitter user wrote.

According to The Washington Post, Trump signed the bibles at a Baptist Church in a city called Opelika. The tornado survivors reportedly called the presidential visit a “godsend.”

“We couldn’t get here fast enough… We love the state of Alabama,” Trump said to the crowd.

White Christians are a core part of Donald Trump’s base, particularly Evangelicals. Late last year, an article published by Vox claimed that white evangelicals are the only religious group that currently supports him, citing a poll by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI). Despite the political turmoil of 2018, which saw the Trump administration get slammed for numerous policy decisions, his support among that group remained the same at around 71 percent.

As The Guardian reports, 80 percent of white evangelical Christians voted him into office in 2016.

This recent show of support in Alabama comes as Trump and his associates face the impact of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s testimony in front of the House Oversight Committee. During that testimony, Cohen called the president a liar, a racist, and a cheat. He also said that he was asked to commit financial crimes at the behest of Donald Trump.

The Guardian reports that the House Judiciary Committee has since sent document requests to 81 of Donald Trump’s associates including Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump; Allen Weisselberg, CFO of the Trump Organization; Jared Kushner; former White House communications director Hope Hicks; Jeff Sessions; the inaugural committee; and former White House attorney Don McGahn, among others.

As The New York Times notes, President Trump has called the document requests “a disgrace to our country.”