‘Jeopardy!’ Thanks Fans For Good Wishes And Support, Following Alex Trebek’s Cancer Diagnosis

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Alex Trebek may be in for the battle of his lifetime following his recent cancer diagnosis, but he definitely will not be fighting alone.

Earlier this week, the Jeopardy! host stunned fans by announcing that he was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. Since his announcement, love and messages of hope have been flooding in from fans across the country, and Alex’s employer took to Twitter earlier today to make sure that fans knew that their well-wishes have certainly not going unnoticed.

“The outpouring of good wishes and support in response to Alex’s recent health news has been humbling and overwhelming. Please know that your messages are being conveyed to him and are deeply appreciated. From everyone at Jeopardy! – thank you,” the show tweeted earlier today.

So far, the tweet has earned a lot of attention from loyal Jeopardy! fans with over 194 retweets, 2,000 likes, and 40 comments. Of course, most fans chimed in once again to wish Trebek the best as he faces a tough battle ahead.

Earlier this week, The Inquisitr reported that Trebek sent out a video message to his fans via the Jeopardy! page, letting them know that he had cancer. In the video, Trebek told fans that he would rather share the news himself in an effort to be “open and transparent” and not let things travel through the Hollywood rumor mill.

He also told fans that now he is a statistic, as 50,000 other people are diagnosed in the United States each year. The game show host acknowledged that his type of cancer generally doesn’t have a good prognosis, but says that that is not going to stop him from fighting the good fight and doing all that he can to stick around longer.

“I’m going to fight this. And I’m going to keep working. And with the love and support of my family and friends, and with the help of your prayers also, I plan to beat the low survival rate statistics for this disease.”

Interestingly enough, earlier this January, Trebek talked about how he wishes that he could have more time with his wife, Jean, even before the cancer diagnosis. As The Inquisitr shares, the 78-year-old reflected on his storied career in television — as well as his personal life. The sit-down took place shortly after the death of President George H.W. Bush, which really impacted Trebek.

Though Alex said that he is extremely satisfied with his life thus far, if there was one thing that he could change, it would be meeting his beloved wife, Jean, sooner.

“But my wife Jean and I have been together almost 29 years, and I was thinking about President Bush when he died, and all the comments about his life about what a nice guy he is, and how he and his wife had been together 73 years,” Alex dished. “I thought, oh my gosh… if I’d just met Jean in my 20s we could have had a longer life together.”

Hopefully with his family and friends around him, he can come out on top.