‘Avengers: Endgame’ Projections Estimate The Film Will Have The Biggest Opening In History With $265 Million

Marvel Studios

Domestic box office projections are in for Avengers: Endgame, and to no one’s surprise, the film is estimated to break records — potentially becoming the biggest movie opener of all time. Box Office Pro is projecting Endgame to make $265 million over its opening weekend, which would put it $7 million ahead of its predecessor, Avengers: Infinity War. The third Avengers film earned an incredible $257 million in April of last year, putting it above 2015’s The Force Awakens($247 million) and 2017’s The Last Jedi($220 million).

Naturally, the $265 million figure would put Endgame at the top of the Marvel Cinematic Universe list, shifting Infinity War, The Avengers, Black Panther, and Avengers: Age of Ultron down one spot in the top five. Box Office Pro believes the fourth Avengers film could earn as much as $290 million, giving it a solid $33 million buffer between itself and Infinity War.

Projections for Endgame‘s domestic tenure are just as astronomical, with estimates believing the film will make $695 million overall. This would sit Endgame just $5 million behind Black Panther, which currently holds the title as highest overall domestic earner in the MCU. The Ryan Coogler-directed film earned just over $700 million last year, beating out Infinity War by $22 million.

With just $5 million separating Black Panther from Endgame‘s current projections, it will definitely be a battle for the No. 1 spot in the MCU. When it comes to the international box office, Endgame will more than likely top the list — as Black Panther didn’t perform as well overseas as many other Phase 3 films did.

With the precedent set by Infinity War, Endgame‘s projections are to be expected. The film will wrap up Phase 3 of the MCU, a venture 11 years in the making. The culmination of 21 films before it makes it one of, if not the most, anticipated movie of all time. Whether the Russo brothers will make history remains to be seen, as Endgame could be the highest-earning film of all time.

Currently, James Cameron’s Avatar holds the No. 1 spot for the biggest all-time earner, with an international total of $2.7 billion. Domestically, The Force Awakens reigns supreme with $936 million gross, a figure Endgame will have a difficult time reaching.

As Endgame approaches, projections are likely to change. Captain Marvel‘s opening weekend could also inflate or deflate the numbers based on its performance. Currently, Captain Marvel is on track to make well over $100 million, with a $20 million Thursday night.

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26.