Melania Trump Has Warned Son Barron About Dangers Of Drug Use, First Lady Opens Up At Opioid Crisis Town Hall

Earlier this week, first lady Melania Trump made an appearance at a town hall event in Las Vegas that was hosted by former Fox News host Eric Bolling. The event was held to shine a spotlight on the opioid crisis, and she spoke extensively during the town hall.

People shares that as Melania spoke at the town hall, she got somewhat personal at one point. Trump explained that she herself has talked to her 12-year-old son Barron about the dangers of drug use, and she encouraged others to do the same.

“I teach him. I try to explain how drugs are dangerous and it will mess up your head, it will mess up your body and nothing comes positive out of it.”

Melania’s participation in Bolling’s event was done as part of her “Be Best” initiative. While she appeared alongside Bolling, Trump did a short question-and-answer session and gave a speech that lasted approximately 10 minutes.

As Bolling’s supporters know, he lost his son Eric Jr. to an unintended drug overdose in September 2017. Bolling Jr., who was 19 at the time of his death, was found to have fentanyl, cocaine, and anxiety medication in his system. Reports have detailed that he accidentally overdosed shortly after his father was released by Fox News in the wake of sexual harassment allegations.

During the town hall, Bolling asked Trump her opinion on how early parents should start talking with their children about the dangers of drug use. The Daily Mail details that the first lady thought that the age of 8 was about the right time to start these discussions.

“Nowadays the children are so smart and the life is so fast and they have access to everything. We need to teach them at very early age how bad drugs are.”

In addition to explaining how she’s talked with her son Barron about the dangers of drug use, Melania talked about how big the opioid crisis has become across the country in general. She mentioned how important it is to stop drugs from coming into the country via the southern border as well as via China, and she issued a challenge to the press about covering the crisis.

“I’d also like to take a moment to challenge the media to cover this very real issue as often as possible… I challenge the press to devote as much time to the lives lost – and the potential lives that could be saved – by dedicating the same amount of coverage that you do to idle gossip or trivial stories.”

On Friday, first lady Melania Trump was spotted with son Barron and the president as they flew to Alabama to survey recent tornado damage. It isn’t all that often that people get an insider’s view of Barron’s life, and he isn’t seen publicly very frequently. It sounds as if those who attended the opioid town hall appreciated the insight that the first lady shared and the glimpse into the conversations with her son that she’s had on this critical topic.