Google Celebrates International Women’s Day With Its Latest Doodle

Karsten CoallGetty Images

Google is celebrating International Women’s Day with an interactive doodle that was made for and by women who have made historical moves in their lives.

According to the International Women’s Day website, the March 8 celebration is to commemorate the social, cultural, economic, and political achievements of women to “accelerate gender parity.” The website said in celebrating the day, everyone in the world can set aside time to make a positive change for women.

The technology powerhouse’s doodle on Friday showcases multilingual quotes from women all over the world, including artist Frida Kahlo and astronaut Dr. Mae Jamison. According to Geek, the doodle shows 13 female trailblazers from “both past and present.” American illustrator Melissa Crowton said her reason for having women from different countries and cultures was to promote diversity among the historical women.

“Although it is often hard to communicate so much in one image, I was inspired by the diversity of the women in the world and wanted my image to reflect that,” she said in a statement. “Each element is unique in shape, texture, and size, which I found to be an apt representation of the beauty of our community.”

The Google Doodle team admittedly had a hard time choosing only 13 quotes for the doodle. When selecting which quotes to use, the team wanted to ensure the doodle had a “diverse representation” that “celebrates the past, present, and future community of diverse women around the world.”

In addition to featuring quotes from women around the world, the doodle included designs from a group of female guest artists from across the globe. The artists used their creativity to illustrate powerful quotes from Brazilian novelist Clarice Lispector and French novelist George Sand. The illustrations for Sand and Lispector were designed by Brazilian type artist Cyla Costa. Costa said Lispector’s simple quote, “Eu sou mais forte do que eu,” which translates to “I am stronger than myself,” is a reminder that nothing is too difficult to overcome.

“Such a simple sentence, however so powerful,” Costa said of Lispector’s five-word statement. “For me, it means the power of self-overcoming and a woman’s reflection on what she really is versus what society says she should be. Let each woman choose her own version of ‘I.'”

Other artists for the International Women’s Day doodle include British designer and illustrator Kate Forrester, German designer and lettering artist Rosa Kammermeier, and Indian paper typographer and illustrator Sabeena Karnik.