‘Sports Illustrated’ Model Nina Agdal Sizzles In Wet See-Through Crop Top To Celebrate Women & Girls

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On International Women’s Day, Nina Agdal and Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition want to spread the notion that women deserve respect, regardless of what they wear. On Friday, the magazine took to its verified Instagram page to share a photo of the Danish model rocking a sexy crop top featuring a powerful message.

“A woman does not have to be modest to be respected,” the words printed on her top read, accompanied by two small black hearts on either side.

In the photo in question, Agdal is donning the nude-colored crop top wet, showcasing her torso. The 26-year-old swimsuit model is posing in front of the ocean with her arms on her head, in a pose that highlights her chest and message written on her top. The model is looking straight into the camera with defiant eyes and lips slightly parted in a seductive, yet fierce way.

Her caramel hair is in a middle part in loose, wet waves that cascade over her shoulders and onto her chest. Her damp hair and wet crop top suggest she had recently taken a dip in the ocean before posing for this particular shot.

The photo, which captures Agdal from the waist up, was taken at sunset. The sky behind her is a gorgeous blue, pink, and orange tone, complimenting her sun-kissed skin and the color of her top.

The post, which Sports Illustrated shared with its 1.9 million Instagram followers, was well received, judging by the 12,500 likes and 130 comments it garnered in just an hour. Users of the popular social media platform took to the comments section to share how they feel about the post’s message, and also to praise Agdal’s beauty.

“Absolutely true,” one user wrote.

“Cheers to that,” another one chimed in.

Agdal is known for being outspoken about all issues. As The Daily Mail has noted, Agdal has discussed the pressure that comes with constantly being judged over her looks, adding that women are criticized for both being too skinny and for needing to lose weight.

“I have been a size 0 and ive been a size 8, I’ve been told i was too skinny, I’ve been told i needed to lose weight,” she said, according to TheDaily Mail. “If we all looked the same it would be a pretty boring place to be living in. I am finally in a place where i can look myself in the mirror, smile and say ‘you look great.’ I’ve come to this place by realizing whats important and whats not. And by practicing self love and self care.”

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Sentimental post time y’all ???? These two ladies, girls, women, super heroes in this picture changed my life. I met them right around a time when my life was about to change. I thought i had it all figured out, i thought i knew exactly where i was going but guess what.. life gives you turns, for the better. But what these 2 brilliant human beings did was to stay by me, open my eyes, and be my best friends. I don’t have a family near me, they’re all 4000 miles away. and these 2 girls became my family. they have been my rock and guided me in times when i didn’t think even standing on my own legs were possible. i try to always tell them, every single day, how amazing they are. cus they deserve that. but my point is.. find a friend who will stick by your side through the darkest times and not judge you, but love you. cus we women, as a team, are the strongest force you’ve ever seen.

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