Jonas Brothers Reveal Their Purity Rings Didn’t Last Very Long

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During Thursday’s conclusion of the epic week-long Jonas Brothers takeover on The Late Late Show with James Corden, the boy band took a ride in Corden’s car for a “Carpool Karaoke” segment. Of course, carpooling with the talk show host is anything but ordinary, so the group dived into some pretty personal discussion topics, including their ever-famous purity rings.

When Joe, Nick, and Kevin Jonas were in their teen years, the three brothers proudly sported purity rings as a symbol of chastity before marriage, according to Today. In their “Carpool Karaoke” interview with Corden, the Jonas Brothers explained that they were raised in a church-going family and many teens around them were wearing these rings.

“Purity rings were meant to wait for the right person until the time was right,” Joe said. “We grew up in a church, and our dad was a pastor. It just came natural for everyone we grew up with to go through this.”

The brothers never intended for their rings to be such a public spectacle. They vowed at first that they wouldn’t talk about the purity rings because it was only their business but soon realized that fans thought they were married or “in a cult,” as Joe said one interviewer assumed. So, the Jonas Brothers explained themselves.

“The next thing you know, it’s the Jonas Brothers… and their purity rings,” Joe continued. “That was what people ran with forever, that was the running joke.”

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The purity rings didn’t last as long as the brothers once thought, Hollywood Life reported. Joe explained that he and his brothers realized after months of enduring “annoying” jokes that the rings weren’t really what they wanted.

“We, of course, we just decided at one point, ‘Look, this is not who we are. We don’t need to wear these anymore. This is annoying, and people are making fun of it anyway,'” the 29-year-old DNCE singer said.

Kevin, 31, revealed during the car ride that he was the first to take his ring off.

Joe followed suit not long after, as he explained in a 2013 New York Magazine interview that he lost his virginity at 20-years-old.

Nick, 26, recently married actress Priyanka Chopra in a series of ceremonies and receptions. Kevin was the first to settle down with wife Danielle Jonas in 2009 when the Jonas Brothers were still together. Kevin and Danielle now share two daughters, Valentina, 2, and Alena, 5.

Joe is currently engaged to actress Sophie Turner, and the two have plans to marry this summer.