‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Ariana Madix Threatens To Walk Off Set After Being Asked About Having Kids

Nicole WeingartBravo

Ariana Madix is done talking about babies.

During a recent taping of a Vanderpump Rules: After Show, the longtime reality star and girlfriend of Tom Sandoval became upset with a cameraman after being asked, yet again, about her thoughts on having children and whether she’d ever change her mind.

“I’ve literally said everything under the sun that I can possibly think of to get people to shut the f**k up and stop asking me about it,” she said, according to a March 7 report from OK! Magazine.

Throughout her career on Vanderpump Rules, Madix has said on a number of occasions that she is uninterested in getting married and that she isn’t willing to have kids. However, her longtime boyfriend, Sandoval, has often said that he does want to have kids at some point in the future. So, despite Madix insisting she does not want to have a family, many fans and followers of the series are hoping she will one day have a change of heart.

Unfortunately for Sandoval, that has yet to happen and at this point, she’s made it clear she does not want to talk about the issue with him, or with anyone.

“I’ve also said that anybody who asks me about it I will get up and literally f**king walk away,” she threatened. “I don’t know why I’m some sort of villain because I want to live my life the way I want to live it. It’s f**king stupid.”

In February, Sandoval admitted to OK! Magazine that he gets baby fever “every once in a while” and likes “always having the option” to have kids.

While Madix doesn’t want to have a family yet and may never get there, she and Sandoval recently purchased a home together in Los Angeles.

In the past, Sandoval has said that when he and Madix ultimately buy their first home together, he wanted to make sure that there are enough bedrooms for a family if that day comes.

Although Madix said she would never opt to give birth, Sandoval continues to have faith that he will one day be able to convince his girlfriend to adopt a child with him. That said, with Madix’s firm views, it’s hard to say whether or not that will ever be an option made available to him.

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