Kate Beckinsale's Boyfriend Pete Davidson Just Got A Massive Unicorn Tattoo

According to International Business Times, Pete Davidson is rocking a giant tattoo of a unicorn on his forearm.

There's no telling what tattoo Davidson is going to get next. Cosmopolitan reported on the massive collection of more than 40 tattoos the man has, and it's all kinds of random.

He has the Ariana Grande bunny ears he got a few minutes after he started dating her, a portrait of Hillary Clinton, a little Pikachu on his finger, a touching tribute to his father's death on 9/11, the brave little toaster, a wasp in his armpit, multiple references to Harry Potter, and so much more.

With such a random collage of images and references, it's hard to imagine that he could get a new tattoo that would stand out in any meaningful way, yet it seems he's managed to accomplish that.

As suggested by a photo posted to tattoo artist Ryan Mullin's Twitter page, Pete Davidson got a large tattoo of a muscular unicorn on his forearm.

It's an impressive display of talent, but fans in the comment section were left wondering why Davidson got it.

"It's beautifully executed but...why?" asked one user

"He gets the lamest tatts," criticized another.

"What a stupid tattoo. What's next, you gonna dye your hair blue and pink?" trolled one individual.

Davidson hasn't revealed why he got the tattoo, but some fans are wondering if it has anything to do with the controversy he and Kate Beckinsale faced for their makeout session at a Rangers game, as reported previously by The Inquisitr.

A photo of the PDA at the game went viral and started generating a series of memes, the most common was suggesting that Beckinsale was ignoring "wholesome guys" without any issues in order to pursue the damaged guys she can "fix."

At first, the two were keeping their romance a secret, but after the Rangers game and their viral outing, it seems they're no longer concerned with who knows.

It's possible that Davidson got the unicorn tattoo to demonstrate how happy he is to be dating Kate Beckinsale as International Business Times suggests. It could also be that he sees the unicorn as an icon of confidence and a willingness to be himself in spite of any perceived oddities.

Or as some users suggest, it could just be another random tattoo to go with his collection of unusual tattoos and isn't meant to symbolize or represent anything.

Until Davidson lets everyone in on his reasons for getting it, fans are left to speculate what the massive unicorn on his forearm means, if anything.