Jeff Probst Supported Who Was Evicted During ‘Survivor’ Season 38 This Week

Robert VoetsCBS Entertainment

While he has never had the pleasure of participating as a castaway in the game of Survivor, one could argue Jeff Probst is a bit of an expert when it comes to the CBS reality TV series given the 38 seasons of hosting under his belt. Just when he thinks he’s seen everything the castaways could possibly throw at him, a new surprise wows him.

Entertainment Weekly caught up with Probst following this week’s episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction to get his thoughts on who the castaways opted to evict this week. For the most part, the reality TV show host was completely supportive of the game play decisions made during tribal council.

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers from this week’s episode.

“Getting rid of Chris this early is a massive move, and it’s risky from the standpoint that the more you lose the more you go to Tribal. But from a game play standpoint, I like it, because it speaks to point of view and that is how you must play Survivor,” Jeff responded when Entertainment Weekly questioned what he thought about Manu’s decision to vote out one of the strongest members of their tribe as they continued to lose challenge after challenge.

Those who have been watching Season 38 thus far have seen Chris play a huge role in carrying the rest of his tribe during the competitions. Furthermore, he always seemed to step up to do his part to help his fellow tribe members when they needed him.

Unfortunately for Chris, Wardog told Wentworth he was throwing her name out there, and she quickly flipped the script to make sure he went home before she did.

Jeff – and most members of the tribe – did acknowledge that their current method of voting out who is perceived to be the weakest member of the team doesn’t seem to be doing much for helping them win competitions. They all also seemed to acknowledge the fact that they may just be in a situation where they continue to lose immunity challenges and it comes down to being in a position where you have the numbers to stay in the game.

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As those who watched the promo trailer for next week’s episode know, the shift from voting out the weakest member of their tribe to voting out the strongest isn’t going to do them a lot of good, as there is going to be a tribe swap in next week’s episode. According to the promo trailer, the remaining castaways will be broken up into three tribes next week.

New episodes of Survivor: Edge of Extinction air every week on Wednesdays on CBS.