Justin Bieber Murder Plot Tape Released

A tape of the recent Justin Bieber murder plot has been released revealing the grisly details of the intentions to kidnap, castrate, and kill the pop star. The recordings posted on TMZ are of a phone call made last November from a prisoner serving time in a jail near Las Cruces in New Mexico.

According to ABC, police have confirmed that the organizer behind the Bieber murder plot is Dana Martin. Martin is currently serving two life sentences for the rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl in Vermont in 2000. New York Post has reported Martin is obsessed with Justin Bieber and was enraged when the teen heartthrob would not return any of his love letters. Martin has a large tattoo of Justin Bieber on his leg.

Martin had organized with former fellow inmate, Mark Staake, and Staake’s nephew, Tanner Ruane, to kidnap, castrate, and kill Justin Bieber and his bodyguards during the singer’s Madison Square Garden concert last November.

The newly released murder plot tape reveals a reference to hedge clippers, which are believed to be intended for castration. New York Post reports that Martin offered $2500 for each of Bieber’s testicles.

“Did he go over the Bieber thing with you?” Martin can be heard asking Ruane. Ruane replies, “Nah. The way I like to work dude, I like to know as little as possible.” Ruane can then be heard requesting $5000 for each murder. The code word “Pit bulls” is used on the tape to refer to Bieber and his bodyguards.

According to The National Post, the Justin Bieber Murder plot was foiled when Martin himself turned Ruane and Staake into the police.