Jameela Jamil Slams An Airbrushed Photo Of Herself

Charley Gallay Getty Images

Jameela Jamil, star of the Good Place, recently noticed a picture of herself online that was airbrushed heavily. Jamil realized she didn’t even look like herself after the editing was complete. Jamil has long been speaking out against airbrushing, and especially the type of excessive photo editing the public sees in most advertising campaigns.

Jamil noticed that there were many major changes done to her appearance via the editing, including totally altering her body’s appearance, giving her arms a thinner look, and lightening her skin. So, she reposted the photo pointing out all of the airbrushing she saw in the picture.

Jamil’s recent Twitter post about her airbrushed picture isn’t the first time she has publicly brought her concerns to her social media. She is known for speaking out about subjects in the entertainment industry that she finds alarming, and her Twitter account seems to be her favorite place to do it. However, Jamil has recently placed much emphasis on her distaste for airbrushing, and how it gives both men and women unrealistic perceptions about how people should look.

“I think it’s a disgusting tool that has been weaponized, predominantly against women, and is responsible for so many more problems than we realize because we are blinded by the media, our culture and our society,” Jamil said, according to Bored Panda. “I suffered from eating disorders as a teenager and so I know how damaging “perfect” images in magazines can be.”

Jamil loathes how the entertainment industry has started to rely more heavily on airbrushing and can’t stand how they apply filters and apps to edit photos. By making the models in the picture appear unrealistically attractive, Jamil feels that the entertainment industry is raising the standards of appearance to heights no person can achieve.

Also, Jamil feels that as far as beauty standards are concerned for both sexes, women have more difficult stereotypes to overcome. Jamil notes that middle-aged men in their 50s are often viewed as becoming increasingly attractive as they get older because they gain a rugged appearance. However, women of the same age are usually airbrushed so much if they do appear in modeling ads that they wind up looking nothing like themselves. That double standard that exists in the entertainment industry is a problem for Jamil.

“I was just doing a new spoof motivation sultry pic and was struck by how edited this picture of me is,” Jamil posted on her Instagram about the latest airbrushed photo, according to The Blast. “It made me so mentally unwell trying to live up to this image in person. Airbrushing is the DEVIL.”