Spoilers For Friday’s ‘General Hospital’: Jason Misses Ryan And Ava Pleads With ‘Kevin’

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers tease that another major cliffhanger may be on the horizon and fans are not going to want to miss what’s coming during the episode airing on Friday, March 8. The walls are finally closing in on Ryan but fans are anxious to find out whether any additional lives will be lost before he’s forced to face the music.

As Thursday’s show ended, viewers saw that Ava was questioning “Kevin” about the Carly situation. In addition, Carly was seen placed on the frozen ground at some mysterious location and Jason was entering the hotel room where he hoped to find Ryan. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Friday’s show will contain progress with all of these angles, but it does look as if it’ll carry into next week’s episodes.

Teasers via SheKnows Soaps have indicated that Jason would be too late in some sense this week and many worried that hinted at a miscarriage for Carly. Luckily, that doesn’t appear to be the case, at least not yet. Rather, it seems that Jason will be too late to catch up to Ryan at the motel in Niagara Falls.

The preview for the March 8 episode reveals that Jason will tell Laura that Ryan and Ava are on their way to Canada. It sounds as if they’ll miss the duo at the motel, but the weekly sneak peek has teased that they will catch up with them before the end of the episode.

As The Inquisitr shared previously, Ava will “fall head over heels” for Ryan during Friday’s episode. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Ava will continue to be confused about “Kevin’s” odd behavior up until a danger-filled moment where Laura and Jason catch up to them and Laura yells that the man is Ryan, not Kevin.

As for falling head-over-heels, it appears that Ryan and Ava are going to fall over the side of the bridge they are standing on and plunge into the water together. The weekly sneak peek shared via the show’s Twitter page make it look as if Ryan may pull Ava down with him right as she’s trying to wrap her mind around what she’s hearing from Laura.

The clip teases that Ryan will go out with a bang and that this will be the most shocking ending for the show yet. Will Ryan really die this time? It will take until next week to see what comes next for Ryan, but a lot of fans suspect that this isn’t necessarily the end of this character causing trouble for those in Port Charles.


Luckily, it’s known that Ava will survive the fall off the bridge. General Hospital spoilers for the week of March 11 detail that she’ll be a mess at one point and confrontational at another. As for Carly, teasers haven’t revealed any helpful tidbits in that regard.

During Friday’s show, Ava will plead with “Kevin” to let her call 911. She’ll tell him that they have a chance to make this right and it seems she’ll want to ensure that Carly is safe. It’s not clear yet whether Ryan and Ava will be where he left Carly or whether Ava’s just guessing that her nemesis is still in peril, but it’s clear that these will be some intense scenes.

Friday’s show also has action on several other fronts, so viewers may not get as much with this specific storyline as they’d like. One way or another, however, Ryan’s current scheme is soon coming to an end and fans cannot wait to see exactly how he’s stopped. General Hospital spoilers hint that it’s going to be a wild ride over the next few episodes and viewers can’t wait to see it all.