Kendall Jenner Sports A Makeup-Free Look In New Instagram Video, But Followers Are Not Happy

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There is no doubt in believing that anything that the Kardashian-Jenner sisters post on social media becomes an instant hit – irrespective of the quality of content. And unlike other celebrities, they don’t even have to go to extra lengths to wear makeup or don sexy outfits to garner likes on their pictures, as literally anything they post starts trending immediately.

That’s exactly what happened to Kendall Jenner’s newest “good morning” video on Instagram where she is featured wearing an animal-print robe while performing some stretch exercises and dance moves in her luxurious bathroom. The model wore her hair into a bun and sported a rose behind her ear to brighten up her look.

Per the caption of her post, Kendall entered into a paid partnership with Proactiv cosmetics, as she could be seen applying a dab of the beauty product on her nose. She, however, didn’t specify what the product was for. Kendall applied no makeup at all, which immediately caught the attention of her fans and followers, and as a result, the videos racked up more than 960,000 views and close to 6,000 comments shortly after having been posted.

And even though the video gained significant traction, followers showed a mixed reaction.

While her legions of ardent admirers, per usual, couldn’t contain their excitement and wrote that Kendall is a “true goddess” and the “most beautiful woman in the world,” others expressed their surprise and disapproval in relation to the quality of her video.

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good morning ???? @proactiv #ad

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One astonished follower commented that he wishes to have a life where she is paid more than $200,000 for making a video which literally adds no value to the product – as it doesn’t even show the name. Another follower criticized the quality of the video and wrote the following.

“Imagine being so famous that this is all you need to do for an ad.”

While many commentators agreed with each other and continued to look at the video – which Kendall referred to as an ad – from a critical viewpoint, others came for her support and said that people are resorting to baseless criticism because of their jealousy. Some fans didn’t even bother to focus on the content of the video and drooled over Kendall’s beautiful, gold-plated bathtub instead and wrote that they wish to live a similar life.

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i’ll drive

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This isn’t the first time that Kendall has been criticized for her Instagram posts, as in January, 2019, the model – along with her celebrity mother, Kris Jenner – came under fire after making a “botched announcement” on social media.

According to an article by Insider, Kris Jenner tweeted that her daughter Kendall would soon be tweeting her “most raw story” on Sunday, January 7, and asked everyone to stay tuned to it, adding that the momager is very proud of her daughter for being “so brave and vulnerable.”

But when Kendall finally posted the big news, it turned out that it was nothing but a sponsorship deal with Proactiv – something which became a topic of endless mockery and criticism on the internet.

And even though people were upset with Jenner for “doing nothing yet being so rich and famous,” the model continues to rule the world of social media and get richer with every passing day.