Doug Davidson Reveals When Mal Young’s ‘The Young And The Restless’ Storylines End

Doug Davidson as Paul Williams on The Young and the Restless
John Paschal / JPI Studios

It’s no secret: fans have not loved Mal Young’s tenure as executive producer and head writer on The Young and the Restless. Perhaps it was Young’s documented attempts to diminish veteran actors like Doug Davidson, the late Kristoff St. John, and Eric Braeden. Maybe fans disliked the outrageous turns some of the storylines took like when J.T., who was a well-liked character, suddenly became an abuser. Whatever the reasons, people are glad to see Young’s time on the No. 1 rated CBS Daytime drama come to an end. When Young announced over the holidays that he’d left the show, long-time loyal viewers rejoiced.

Of course, with the way soaps are written and filmed, fans knew it would be several weeks if not months after Young left before the new head writer took over. Now, Paul Williams actor Davidson has given viewers an answer as to when Young’s storylines will stop airing.

A fan posed the question on Twitter.

“When is the last airing of anything written by Mal Young?”

Davidson retweeted with the simple reply, “soon.”

Of course, viewers were thrilled to learn that in the coming days or weeks, they can expect to see some changes at the soap. First of all, The Inquisitr reported that Davidson returns to his role of Paul on March 25 after he disappeared with no storyline explanation last fall. Also, soap veteran Eileen Davidson will bring Ashley Abbott back to Genoa City for a visit in late March. Last year Ashley left Genoa City with all her Jabot patents to start a rival cosmetics company called My Beauty in Paris.

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He’s back!

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One follower predicted, “Thank goodness! Good riddance to Mal Young. We’ll notice the difference as soon as Josh Griffith’s writing takes over.”

For others, the day Young’s storylines run out cannot come soon enough. Some fans even went so far as to say that Young almost single-handedly ruined Y&R with the direction he took the show during his time at the helm. At this point, Young’s name should disappear from the credits within a few short days or at most weeks. By the time the veterans return later this month, Josh Griffin should be the head writer, and most viewers hope to see some dramatic changes in storylines and writing when that long-awaited day comes.

Davidson revealed earlier that there is no explanation for Paul’s absence when he finally returns to active duty as Genoa City’s police chief. No matter how it goes, viewers are thrilled he’ll soon be back on the air.