Paris Jackson Has A Message For Fans Who Assume She Supports Her Father

Roy RochlinGetty Images

Paris Jackson has finally spoken out about Leaving Neverland – sort of.

She has to yet to really share her opinion on the HBO documentary about her father, Michael Jackson, leading many to speculate about her feelings and possible public reaction. She finally addressed the matter, though indirectly, by responding to the endless rumors regarding her on social media, reports Celebrity Insider.

In the film, two men accuse Michael Jackson of sexually molesting them when they were young boys. Wade Robson and James Safechuck claim that they each engaged in sexual activity with the pop artist when they were kids.

The Jackson family has openly contested the film and the allegations in it, filing a lawsuit against HBO for slandering the artist’s reputation. Paris Jackson has remained silent throughout.

That is, until recently, when Jackson intervened in a Twitter conversation about her feelings concerning her father’s innocence.

“Paris Jackson believes her father, Michael, is innocent of sex abuse claims,” a user tweeted.

Jackson responded in a now-deleted tweet.

“I actually haven’t made any statements yet, especially regarding how it affects my work life. You guys are reaching a bit. At least this wasn’t a disgusting and attacking article, though.”

She added another post with a somewhat sassy reply.

“Y’all take my life more seriously than I do. Calm yo tittttttayssss[sic].”

The comment apparently rubbed some users the wrong way, and Jackson clarified her remark with a cryptic observation.

“Smoke some weed n think about the bigger picture. Chillax my dudes. I didn’t mean to offend by expressing that titties should be calm, I know injustices are frustrating and it’s easy to get worked up. But reacting with a calm mind usually is more logical than acting out of rage and also…. it feels better to mellow out.”

Despite her reference to “injustices,” the comment gave no indication of Jackson’s feelings about the documentary, or her father.

Since the release of the film, there has been all manner of speculation as to Jackson’s eventual response. A recent source from Radar Online depicted her as “torn,” and unsure as to what to believe about the allegations.

A Jackson family insider reportedly said that she is as conflicted as the rest of the family.

“Paris will tell you until the sun doesn’t rise that those men are lying and that her dad is innocent,” they said.

The aspiring actress recently completed another stint in rehab, with 30 days of sobriety so far. The insider said that the movie could have contributed to the relapse.

According to the source, Jackson was also the only one of her siblings old enough to remember certain events that occurred. Though unlikely to admit it, she remembers the boys that her dad would spend time with.

The insider claimed Jackson doesn’t know what to believe and has tried to keep her siblings from watching the documentary. However, she apparently insisted on watching it before entering rehab.

Jackson refuted the accusations up until his death in 2009. His estate has continued to combat the allegations.