'Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik Under Fire For Critiquing A Fan's Painting Of Her

According to a report from The Wrap, Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik is facing some controversy after comments she made about a piece of fan art on Instagram.

On Tuesday, Bialik shared a Facebook post on Instagram, showing a post from one of her fans who had drawn a likeness of her.

According to the original post, a woman named Sarah Ellen decided to participate in Mauereen Lonergan Nadeau's 30-day challenge. The challenge has participants paint 30 portraits in 30 days with only 30 minutes to paint them.

Ellen decided to start her 30-day challenge by doing a portrait of Mayim Bialik, whom she stated is her "personal hero" because of her mental health advocacy and being "a great human being."

Bialik discovered the Facebook post and gave her honest opinion.

"I think a portrait of me needs more than 30 minutes. Still flattering I think. What's with my teeth, Sarah Ellen!?"
The comment section lit up as users criticized and berated Bialik for her assessment of the painting.

"Artist made you way better than your true soul," commented one angry fan.

One person was disgusted by the irony that Bialik would seemingly "shame" a fan online who just praised her for her work in mental health.

Some of the people that responded felt the whole thing had been blown out of proportion.

One user commented that artists require criticism and advice to enhance their skills, which is what Bialik, the subject of the painting, was giving.

Another user responded that the painting was indeed "ugly," but added that for a 30-minute painting, it's fairly impressive. They pointed out that Bialik's comment on the artist needing "more than 30 minutes" suggests that the actress acknowledged 30 minutes wasn't enough time to do a proper painting, and was not the egotistical comment people perceived it as.

One user claiming to be Ellen came to Bialik's defense. She stated that it was an honor for Bialik to find her post in the first place and pointed out that she said she was "flattered." The artist claimed that her husband thought the portrait made Bialik look "a bit like a vampire".

The person claiming to be Ellen thanked Bialik again for her work on mental health issues.

Bialik responded to the comment by providing clarity to her comments and walking things back a little. Bialik stated that she was "tough to capture" and her criticisms were more comments about her own appearance rather than the artist's skills.

She thanked Ellen for her portrait and encouraged her to keep working on her talent.