March 7, 2019
Home-Grown Cannabis Is Aiding Olivia Newton-John Amid Cancer Battle: 'It Has Helped Incredibly'

Olivia Newton-John is the latest celebrity to turn to cannabis for medical issues.

Currently, the 70-year-old is battling cancer yet again and this time she is facing an uphill battle as it's stage 4 breast cancer. Though the illness is technically not curable, it can be managed through medicine. With that, Olivia says that she is pulling out all the stops and doing all that she can to make herself feel as good as possible.

The singer tells People that she recently turned to cannabis to help her with some of the ailments that come along with cancer, and she couldn't be happier with the results. The actress's husband, John Easterling, is the mastermind behind the cannabis that they grow at their Southern California home, and he has a solid background since he's a natural health entrepreneur.

"My husband hands me all these herbs every morning and makes me a green algae drink. He grows the plants and makes them into liquid for me. I take drops maybe four to five times a day."
Last September, Olivia suffered a pelvis fracture as a result of the cancer and has been working on getting stronger and better ever since. She says that she was willing to try anything that may help her to get stronger, faster and cannabis has done wonders for her.

"It has helped incredibly with pain maintenance and sleep," she says. "It's an amazing plant, a maligned plant, but it's helping so many people."

Initially, Newton-John was nervous to use the drug because of the bad stigma that surrounds it, but she's glad that she did because it's been a big tool in her long road to recovery. Her daughter, Chloe, also runs a cannabis farm in Portland, Oregon, so the actress is really no stranger to cannabis, and it's now just part of her everyday life.

In addition to cannabis, Olivia is also taking an oral chemo medication that was prescribed by her oncologist in Melbourne and is also taking other steps to heal. To calm herself down, the Grease actress says that she prays, meditates, and just likes to get out in nature and play with her many animals.

She also admitted to sugar coating her illness at times as she doesn't want to see herself as a burden.

"I probably downplay things a lot," she told the publication. "I hate talking about my health. I don't like to worry people."

But for now, Newton-John is taking some much-needed "me time" and kicking back and relaxing. In fact, this is the first time that Olivia has taken time off from her entertainment career in decades.

"I've been working my whole life. Now, I'm getting up in the morning, feeding my cat and my dog and my husband, usually in that order. Just enjoying being a housewife."
For fans who want to hear more about Olivia's journey, her new memoir titled Don't Stop Believin' comes out on March 12.