Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Teens In Big Trouble, Things Get Real For Ava

Todd WawrychukABC Press

Things are getting pretty wild on General Hospital. Word is spreading throughout Port Charles that Ryan Chamberlain has fooled everyone for months and that he is the one responsible for the killing spree that has rocked the town. Now the desperate manhunt to find Ryan begins before he can hurt anyone else.

Many lives are currently in danger, as revealed on Wednesday’s episode, and not just from Ryan. Oscar Nero had a bad seizure as the teens are stuck at Niagara Falls. Kim got a call from Joss, and she and Drew will be heading there to be with their son. Cam has also found real trouble, as SheKnows Soaps teases. At the end of the show, he literally ran into Ryan. The previews reveal that Ryan seems to threaten Cam. This could be the moment that he realizes that he was wrong about Franco.

Carly is missing and Jason is now very concerned for her, especially after finding her phone on the ground at GH. Fans are not happy that Jason has been written into this story line. But since Carly is in trouble, you know that Stone Cold will end up saving her. He always does.

However, it isn’t looking good for either Carly or someone else that is close to this dire situation. With recent General Hospital spoilers saying things like “Jason is too late” and “Jason is filled with horror,” it sounds really bad. Rumors are swirling that Carly’s unborn child will be Ryan’s victim in all of this, but it could very well be someone else as well.

Jordan has woken up from her surgery and Curtis delivered the bad news that she needs a kidney transplant. She is itching to get in on the hunt for Ryan, but she has to stay put for now. Everyone else is scrambling to find Ryan and that means a trip to Niagara Falls.

Chase is on the case, but it looks like Jason will get there first. Laura insisted on tagging along with Jason to save Ava and Carly. Ava is about to face her worst nightmare beginning on Thursday. According to previous spoilers by The Inquisitr, she is about to find out that she has been sleeping with Kiki’s killer. It looks like Ryan could actually get away and disappear, but not before he manages to push Ava off a bridge.

This Ryan Chamberlain story line has taken months to figure out and fans are ready for him to be taken down. Stay tuned into Thursday’s General Hospital to see Ava’s reaction to finding Carly in the trunk of the car.