Rachel Lindsay Shares New Wedding Details, Posts Interracial Emoji That Represents Her Love For Bryan Abasolo

Heidi GuttmanABC

Rachel Lindsay is ready to be a Bachelorette bride, but first, she wants to represent love. The Bachelorette star, who found love with Bryan Abasolo on the ABC dating show in 2017, is expressing joy over a new interracial dating emoji that finally represents her love for her fiance.

Rachel Lindsay posted the emoji of a black woman and a white man holding hands to Instagram as she told fans “it’s about time, because we need this to #RepresentLove in all its beautiful forms.”

The long-awaited emoji comes after a Tinder campaign aimed at Unicode, the global organization responsible for emoji standards, called for representation of love in all genders and skin colors, according to USA Today.

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo were the first interracial couple to come from ABC’s The Bachelor franchise. Lindsay previously admitted to People that she initially felt pressure to choose a black man from her pool of contestants on the ABC dating show, but she instead followed her heart.

“I’m not going to pick somebody because they look a certain way. I was trying to find my person — the person who I want to spend the rest of my life with — and I can’t let color dictate that,” Rachel Lindsay said in 2017.

Two years later, Rachel Lindsay is finally getting close to walking down the aisle with her Bachelorette final man. In a new interview with E! News, Rachel confirmed her wedding to Abasolo will be in August in the Caribbean. It will also be a private event with no ABC cameras in sight. Lindsay explained that everything she and her fiance have done together has been so public that she’s looking forward to the privacy of doing their wedding their own way.

“Because if we did it on TV, it would be a production and so, we would have to listen to people say ‘Stand here, sit here,’ you know?” Lindsay explained. “It just takes the emotion out of it. I’m very excited that it’s not going to be a televised production.”

Rachel Lindsay also revealed that she doesn’t think she will have any bridesmaids, but if she does, it would just be her sisters and Bryan’s sisters in the wedding party. The reality star also confirmed that she will be inviting some friends from Bachelor Nation to the wedding, although she had to “ban” some of Bryan’s picks because she fears they will be a “hot mess” at the ceremony.

Rachel Lindsay added that she is currently reworking her Randi Rahm wedding gown to make it work for the hot temps in the Caribbean.