Florida Man’s Lego Roller Coaster Might Break A Guinness World Record

Ben PerryGetty Images

Lego enthusiast, James Burrows of Spring Hill, Florida, is hoping to break a Guinness World’s Record with the supersized roller coaster assembled in his store, The Brick University.

UPI says that Burrows is hoping to break the record for the world’s longest roller coaster with 91 feet of track. He says he used more than 300,000 Lego pieces to create a working roller coaster, which has cars that go up to 68 miles per hour (accounting for scale).

And as part of the roller coaster scene, Burrows also created a miniature golf course and a movie theater to replicate a theme park vibe. The Lego roller coaster will soon go on display at a Lego expo where it will be certified by the Guinness World Records judges as world’s longest Lego roller coaster.

Fox News 13 says that Burrows constructs all things Lego in his workshop, but his roller coaster is nearly filling his whole store.

“I get to play with LEGOs in front of thousands of people.”

Burrows’ theme park and roller coaster use more than 2,000 Lego figures throughout, including the people riding the roller coaster.

The Lego expert explains that his process is very involved, and it’s about knowing when you are finally done.

He explains that for now, he is still putting on the final touches, but after that, he will break it down into four sections and load it into shipping crates to go on a tour at Lego expos.

“It’s going to Indianapolis, Charlotte, then to Asheville. That’s all within the next couple of weeks.”

Burrows says that Lego pays him to display his project, and along the way, he can sell items to other enthusiasts, which he enjoys. The theme park sculpture with the working roller coaster is featured on the Lego MOC worldwide Facebook page where Burrows displays his sculptures and proves that Lego is not just for kids.

“Coaster is up and running with 28 meters of track and 22ft long, and 24ft long. My newest free fall tower in place. Lots of detail work to be done yet.”

If you are interested in making a Lego roller coaster, but not up to the Guinness level of brick sculptures, try the creator level functional roller coaster kit on the Lego website. This kit has 4,124 pieces with three train cars, riders, and ticket booths. With kit can be upgraded with Lego BOOST power functions to make a running roller coaster complete with theme park sound effects.